About Face Re Syria

UPDATE:Here is another report of the brutality of the Syrian rebels.They have committed war crimes.They are particularly brutal against Christians. They will attack churches and execute innocent men,women and children as well.No better than Assad. http://www.aina.org/news/20130707141558.htm
Let’s also consider Russia’s call for protection of Christian Holy Places in Syria. I posted an entry here: https://therasberrypalace.wordpress.com/2013/09/07/5384/
Now the reasons i first supported a strike and now ADAMANTLY OPPOSE one.The main question remains,what if we deliberately or inadvertently support the rebels? They haven’t committed war crimes themselves?

at first as much as i loathed to support Obama on anything i did support the strike on Syria. Chemical weapons were used and i’m confident at this point that Assad DID use them on his own people. The turn around for me were the reports on the brutality of the so called moderates fighting the Assad regime.No better than him. If they would have had sarin gas they’d have used it too.I have no doubt in my mind.

These are the people we are going to support with the military strike?I don’t think so.

What if we do strike and Assad does it again.Then what is our response.Yes, it is crossing a line. Not Obama’s infamous red line (that he now claims not to be his)but a line. However,you have to look at the whole picture,the big picture as it were and ask:in this instance a military strike would produce a good outcome?

I honestly did support a military strike at first and DEFENDED Obama’s decision but the more information i got, the more convinced there was no way on earth to support it.

We know about the execution of the Syrian soldiers by rebels as reported by the NY times.

I am not going to include the video but here is a text report of other brutalities by the Syrian Rebels.Video not necessary to make the point:

A gruesome murder, as often occurs in Muslim countries. In the video you can see how Syrian “rebels” two Christians, one of them is a priest, cutting off his head. One bloodthirsty crowd around it, including children, shouting “Allahu Akbar” (“Allah is the greatest”) and welcomed.

Death to the enemies of Allah

According to the Islamists, Syria is to be the “enemies of Allah” subject to the Sharia. In reality it looks like this, that two Christians in a cruel way for rotating cameras and their full consciousness the head is cut off. A Sharia court motivates this ruthless murder amongst other things with it, that the two Christians supposedly had stored phone numbers of Syrian officers in their mobile phones (beware: gruesome photos!)

After the horrific slaughter of the first Christian is his main triumphantly held in the height and then placed on the back of the body. The second Christian is the head cut off with the become the first beheading already dull knife. The crowd cheers and gazes adhere to this spectacle. Children also to rejoice at this bloody scene. It calls the crowd: “! Death to the enemies of Allah”, “We have Allah as a protector, they have no one!” Or “That’s the end of the enemies of Allah”.

Sen John McCain kept claiming they were moderates.I believed him. Then i learned what we think of moderate here is not necessarily what other cultures think of as moderate. It was at that point i realized what folly military intervention would be.

As brutal as the Assad regime is we would only end up assisting people who are just as brutal. The country of Syria would be no better off and the civilians,particularly Christians,would suffer even more.

I then thought about Obama and realized how little he could be trusted.So we would trust him with a decision as consequential as attacking a country? First he telegraphed to the enemy what we intended to do. A major mistake from the beginning. What about Benghazi? How well did he handle that one? He left 4 men to die,swore he would get the murderers and hasn’t lifted a finger. He went off to a fundraiser the day after.Lied to the American people about Benghazi so he could be sure to get re-elected.We are going to trust him with a decision as serious as attacking Syria?

I watched Pope Francis beautiful vigil last night. It has since occurred to me that we may not be able to stop Obama at all. He’s arrogant enough to go ahead to save face for himself.

He never need congressional approval for anything else he did. He must have been looking for someone to blame if things went wrong-and they will.

Maybe in the terrible tragedy about to unfold God is going to show the people of the United States who elected Obama what a mistake they made by voting for the man. Maybe it’s the only way they will learn. Obama is the most pro abortion president we have ever had.He supports deviant sexual behaviors. He has no problem trampling on our Constitution and no real regard for the people of our country.Do you really believe a man who could support the killing of the innocent unborn has any regard for human life at all? It’s all about him. He’s had one good time in the White House.Golf,parties,vacations,rubbing elbows with celebrity. i half expect him to order the attack then play a round of golf. Not one drop of American blood should be shed to aid the rebels. I don’t think Obama is going to listen to anyone(never has)-PRAY. Maybe we will see how we need God in our lives. Maybe the blind Obama supporters will begin to see the truth.Oppose him strongly but realize It really is in God’s hands. Pray.

Will be back later tonight for an entry on 2 very special women.
The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary and my mother’s birthday today.I will be posting a few words in her memory.


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