No doubt, by now, you have heard the news about the damage done in the idyllic central Italian town of Norcia by the recent earthquakes. At first there was only damage but not total destruction… but then there were more quakes and now there is great destruction. A largely-American group of Benedictine Monks had been rebuilding an ancient monastery there and contributing greatly to the life of the town and the life of the Church. They need our support, as now their Basilica – which sat on the place where St. Benedict was born – as well as every other church in the town has been flattened.Be sure to take a look at their web site, which includes a blog with regular updates, information about their popular beer, details about the earthquake, and how to donate. You can also find them on Facebook and get their emails. Perhaps you can include them in your year-end giving. Click the image below to go to their site.

Source: Norcia


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