The Big Day Will Soon Be Upon Us-the not sexy news

I’m scratching my head wondering why anyone would still be voting for Hillary. Ok .First woman President. I’m a woman(you may be too). We could run.i  know i would not make a good President.You might. Gender doesn’t cut it.Now Margaret Thatcher made a great leader & it wasn’t because of her gender. Hillary Clinton is no Margaret Thatcher;she does speak to Elanor Roosevelt from time to time.

It’s difficult to figure out except for one factor. Hillary Clinton has been in politics for nearly all of her adult life. From the time she and Bill lived in Arkansas their whole lives have been about their  political ambitions. I think more so Hillary than Bill. Bill likes the money and ladies more;Hillary is attracted more to the power .Not that she minds the money but it’s always been about power with her. I would posit she had her eye on the Oval office from day one and Bill was a way to get there.

I think that’s actually one of the reasons people feel safe voting for her.She’s been in politics forever.Nobody has to go outside their comfort zone. The thinking must be;well she does know politics. I’m sorry that’s a damned good reason NOT to vote for her.Here’s what you get with Hillary:

She WILL raise taxes. There’s simply no question about it.

She will implement a Canadian style health care system;totally destroying our health care system after what’s left of it from Obamacare.She made it clear in her speeches published in wikileaks.

This is the same woman who left 4 Americans to die in Benghazi and LIED to their families the day their loved ones came home in their caskets. She knew it was a terrorist attack-she wrote her daughter that it was a terrorist attack;publicly she said it was a video.I’m sorry, but if you can lie  to the families of the fallen you can lie to anyone. Yet,she wants people to be frightened that Trump would have his finger on the imaginary button.This from the woman who set the  Middle East on fire. 

She called for open borders and trade in another speech.Yes,they will be pouring over our borders and YES she will grant them amnesty.Those are voters.

She will approve TPP as she called it the Gold Standard then lied about it in the debate. Remember,Hillary said there is a public policy and a private one;meaning you can say one thing in public and another in private. Put another way,you can LIE to the public.

Our GDP is less than 2%. It’s on life support.I would trust Trump long before i would ever trust Hillary Clinton to handle the economy Our national security is dependent on our economic security. The economy collapses we have a problem. IF we can’t support our military we have a problem.Needless to say Obama and Clinton both have decimated our military. To them our military is simply a place for social experiment where we can try out changes like shared restrooms,practicing homosexuality openly, challenging religious freedom-nothing to do with actually winning military battles or protecting the homeland.So i guess it doesn’t matter that it’ s decimated. They even tried to have a change in uniform at one time to reflect THEIR tastes in fashion and make a statement.

Yes,i do remember that.I’m not sure how it worked out but we can do some research.

The Clinton campaign paid the rioters and agitators at the Trump campaign to incite violence.In fact the Chicago rally was shut down because Trump was concerned about the safety of the people that would attend. The police in these situations were given orders to stand down.Trump supporters-and police-were attacked.Neither she,nor Obama,have any respect for our police officers or for law and order. Trump does. One can only imagine what kind of country we would end up being if Hillary were elected. 

Anyone who would even consider giving Hillary Clinton a  vote  after her pay to play in the State Dept,her lying to Congress and the FBI,her destruction of evidence and the DOJ [under Loretta Lynch] blocking our FBI from an investigation, her sharing CLASSIFIED information and putting OUR national security at risk,that is ,TOTAL CORRUPTION of our government, has no idea the hell this woman would unleash on our country. 

Trump has surrounded himself with the BEST people. It speaks volumes about the kind of President he would be. Further he has not been bought and paid for by anyone and has no allegiance to anyone BUT the American people. Hillary sold out the State Dept to FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS and she has the nerve to try to convince people Trump is dangerous. He’s been in business for over 30 yrs and testified to Congress when requested re economic issues in 1991. They trusted his judgment. 



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