Open Letter to Pres elect Donald J.Trump

Right off the bat!

congratsNow for a few words about your upcoming meeting with our current Potus.

He’s on the way out. That’s all you need to know when you get there. I envision a lecture from him. He’s worried about his legacy and he’s going to tell you what he thinks you should do. Graciously say thanks,you’ll keep it in mind and remember it like a Clinton remembers sending classified info. Remember the first words he said to Congress when he won his second term and they might have been hoping to work with him, “I won”.

If you have to,remind him who won this time. We won. You have a mandate. You are under no obligation to save his legacy.It was repudiated. BIG LEAGUE. He may ask you not have Hillary Clinton prosecuted. Tell him it’s out of your hands-you’ll see where it goes.Period. Remind him that you will defend the rule of law. It’s the President’s responsibility.Ask him if he could get the detstructive rioters under control. George Soros needs the boot out of here 0r get arrested. I’d extradite his butt to Russia. He’s the cause of many of the problems we’ve had lately.Violence,chaos and anarchy in the streets-all related to Soros. He’s anti American-has to go!

I also want to tell you that the MAJORITY of the American people are tickled pink you won and support you. The few are the ones protesting,rioting,burning. They just get the news coverage they’re begging for-but they are a small minority of people who have no idea what it means to live in a constitutional republic and how fortunate they are we do.

Just watch your back  with this guy(Obama)-that’s all i’m saying. Thank you for all you did to win this for us. Thank you for all that you intend to do for the country all of us love.

We can’t thank you enough for the great deal of self sacrifice you made(and your family)as well as your great running mate(good choice)Mike Pence. We really appreciate what you’ve done Mr Trump and wish you the best 100 days(and 8 yrs)!





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