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if i remember correctly-and i do-Obama said we(i take it he meant conservatives)cling to our guns and religion.How nice was that? I also remember Obama sitting down with the Republicans in Congress TELLING them,”I won.” I also remember Obama saying he had a pen and a phone,[basically]if he didn’t get his way.

I also remember the Obama campaign very clearly. The first time around,as well as the 2nd, his surrogates (as they were told to)got in our face and called us racists because we weren’t voting Obama.So don’t talk to me about nice.For YEARS the media,entertainment, newsprint has considered us fly over country,slope headed stupid people who just weren’t sophisticated enough to understand the wonderful knowledge the elites were given.

Anyone remember the pictures of Donald Trump as a clown? Anyone remember the Huffington Post putting Trump in the entertainment section? Anyone remember the women that were PAID to put out fabricated stories in the news about Trump?Anyone remember Trump being called racist,sexist ….among other things?I do.So don’t tell me how nasty Trump was. Now do you want to know why Hillary did not get elected?

The question is,where to start & where to end? There are plenty of reasons. I would begin with the premise that the American people were in no mood to accept a dynasty,whether it was the Clinton  or Bush dynasty. Truthfully,many of us had our fill of politicians in general(obviously),but these dynasties in particular.The other premise I would put out there is that we peons were tired of being belittled. Yes,i used THAT word,BELITTLED.We have spent years  having our values ridiculed. Most of the common folk are working hard,going to church on Sundays,trying to raise decent kids in a secular world.  We don’t really care about the latest antics of Lady Gaga but we do care a great deal about our government being as honest as we’re expected to be.Obama missed the mark and the Clinton’s REALLY missed the mark.

.2. Hillary figured the crown was hers and i have to assume the power players of the DNC assured her she’d be crowned.Jeb and the Never Trumpers were equally as arrogant but they didn’t get away with it.Trump beat ‘low energy’ Jeb early on.I honestly doubt Jeb would have survived anyway.Trump just made it sooner and lethal.In the end the only one who  got the coronation was Hillary.They made SURE she got it-they never saw Bernie taking off like a rocket so they had to do more dirty deeds than expected.I’m not going to get into Bernie’s campaign. We can feel the bern another day.

3. WIKILEAKS.The Clinton’s,Hillary and DNC were exposed by the steady drip of Wikileaks.The C in Clinton stands for corruption,the  H in Hillary stands for Hypocrisy.

4. Why Trump really really beat her.LANDSLIDE. Besides a great campaign strategy he had something going for him,Clinton could never have. A real and genuine love of this country and its people.That gave him momentum and passion.When  you’re fighting for what you love,you fight hard. It’s not a time when old ideas will do.We’re in trouble. 

5. The media was the one factor that should have helped her. They loved Hillary and hated Trump.They were in the tank for her and Wikileaks bore that out. The media covered up for her-as they covered up for Obama. On the other hand social media played a huge role in exposing what the media refused to cover. 

6. The polls kept saying Hillary was winning. She’d be up as high as +12 in some of the polls.They always showed her up. It’s not that the polls got it wrong(that’s THEIR mantra);it’s that they were bogus in the first place.They LIED.

7. You can’t say Hillary ran a terrible campaign. She didn’t campaign. She hid out and let the media carry her water .Trump,on the other hand,worked his a** off.

8. Trump  picked a terrific running mate. Hillary couldn’t have picked worse;reflecting what Bernie Sanders said about her.She had terrible judgment. Tim Kaine exemplified that. Sorry folks. He was a terrible pick .He made a fool of himself in the 1 debate he had with Mike Pence.

9. Finally,in the arena of ideas Hillary didn’t have the message of Trump. In fact,the media kept saying Trump didn’t have any policies;he did. He had a message and policies BOTH. No matter how many times the media repeated that Trump had no policies; he made sure he got them out there. Hillary lacked vision.Trump had it in  spades. Obama came out and campaigned for Hillary;his message was,  vote for her to save’his legacy.’ 

Trust me, the folks were not interested.

10. People said Trump was nasty;the one thing he never did was insult the American people.He might have attacked the media,or someone like Rosie O’ Donnel and even his rivals(SHOCK)but he built a relationship with the American people. It was genuine.We loved him;he loved us. He had a lot of respect for the people on Main St. Hillary,by contrast,called us DEPLORABLES(we turned it around on her by adopting it as a badge of honor),irredeemable, racist,sexist, xenophobic rednecks-the Bernie supporters were Basement Dwellers.Catholics were backward.[ She had no respect for people of faith].So when it was all said and done who did she represent?You got the impression she didn’t like anyone known as an American. The Dems thought because Obama was a historic president-the first black to be elected-that Hillary could win on the basis of being historic-the first woman president. I am a woman and like the many women who voted Trump, gender ALONE is not a qualification. Strike that up to the feminine genius.You can’t fool a woman who has  common sense.

There ya go.The Dems had a corrupt elitist status quo candidate [with no vision] who thought she was entitled to be elected President.Pres-elect Trump,for all his flaws,was the one for  a time such as this and he EARNED our vote.

Post Script:obsessed with  Lynyrd Skynyrd 1970’s




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