It’s not who we are

We’re not the street thugs paid for by George Soros destroying property,burning the flag, talking trash-we’re not paid anarchists, let’s put it that way.

We’re not the mindless people who get spoon fed by the media without question.

We’re not like the media.We don’t get paid millions per year to shove our ideology on the clueless.

We’re not the people trying to eliminate the electoral college [all of a sudden ]because we didn’t like the results.

We’re not the people making baseless accusations against good people while we let the corrupt skate like thieves.

We’re not the professors at schools indoctrinating our students so they are totally incapable of functioning in the real world.

We’re not the people who booed God and decided the state was god. 

We’re not the people who think the Constitution is basically a worthless piece of paper;yet are more than willing to abuse the freedoms it gives them.

We’re not the people who think tolerance means you’re tolerant of evil.

(Pope Benedict XVI coined it the Dictatorship of Moral Relativism).


I do believe most of the American people are fair and want Trump to be sworn in because he was elected.Probably even a percentage of the people who voted for Clinton. It may not be a large percentage-but most of the folks are fair and want the country to move forward.

I do believe most American people are not ideologues. They just want to get on with their lives. 

I do believe George Soros has no business being a citizen of our country and should be arrested.He poses a grave danger to our Republic. I don’t believe most Americans know who he is but if they did would reject him.

I do believe we are all Americans. Not black Americans,white Americans,asian Americans. If you’re here legally, you ARE an American. We are put into little boxes for the benefit of politicians.They come back every 4 yrs to try and grab each little box like a prize. The pollsters keep track of what percentage of a box a candidate gets.

I am convinced the American people are smarter than all the talking heads put together.I believe we have had no idea of the power we have over the powers that be, but i think we’ve learned since we elected Donald Trump. There’s no going back.




5 thoughts on “It’s not who we are

  1. Here, here. I read this as I drank my cup of cappuccino this morning (cinnamon) and received quite an energy booster from both.

    As much as the Communist News Networks try to besmirch us, we are not who they say we are. I would suggest that they peer into their own backyard but they will not and even if they did, they would refuse to see what is right in their faces.

    Excellent post. Re-blogged it over at my affiliate website ( ).

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