the blog is now going to be known as Trump:The American Years. Of course,for now,the Trump-Pence team is known as Pres elect and Vice President elect. In spite of the truly insane state of our country,we are jubilant. The snow flakes have gone to their safe spaces,with diaper pins and pacifiers.May they stay there until they are ready to grow up or learn enough civics to realize this is how we do things.[ Our schools have definitely failed.]It’s called an election with the PEACEFUL transfer of power. It doesn’t happen in many countries.We’re blessed.

I can’t even imagine,when we were in  school, a teacher having us march out in protest of a newly elected President.Our parents would have killed us when we got home.Figuratively speaking, for the left.Excuse me? Didn’t we put up Greek columns for the god Adonis President Obama?

Then.One Look Back



Didn’t the  same media tell us Clinton was winning big league and that the Trump campaign was imploding? Isn’t this the same media who tried to convince us Clinton was Mother Therese and that in spite of all the corruption that there was ‘nothing to see here’.Even though it was very obvious our government had become totally corrupt?

Isn’t this the same media that told us we should care what Trump said some 11 yr ago in a leaked conversation that was intended to be private?  We didn’t care. We get it. The old tricks failed them. They’re not journalists. They’re barely ‘news’ anchors. They’re PRAVDA in the United States. They would have us living in a banana republic and not think twice.They are Clinton ‘hoes’. We know who they are in bed with.

We are the forgotten men and women who love our country,respect our flag,go to church on Sundays and stand for the national anthem. We don’t join riots and we respect our neighbors regardless of creed,color,ethnicity or background as long as you’re honest and respect us back. We’re proud to cling to our guns and religion-we didn’t expect our own President would insult us. I was called racist because i did not vote for Obama. We were called all kinds of things for supporting Trump;deplorables,rednecks, irredeemable,backwards.The media implied we were the stupid people and they knew better. Some of us were physically assaulted for supporting Trump. We had our property vandalized by punks. The Soros brownshirts-many of whom didn’t even bother to vote-took to the streets when Trump won. They get paid. We voted for Trump for free. We knew our country was headed in the wrong direction. The media tried to convince us everything was just fine and that we had to vote for our first woman President because they said so.

And now that Trump has been elected our President what can we expect?



It’s ok because we’re going to celebrate the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

We’re jubilant. He WILL be sworn in-Soros can’t do squid- and we are going to start holding the media ACCOUNTABLE for their coverage. They make salaries we could live on for years.They could start earning it by respecting the people they expect to be their viewers. They could have done the job wikileaks had to do for us.The re-done blog is now called Trump:The American Years for a reason. We’re not going to look back for an instant.


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