Open Letter To @BarackObama @POTUS

Now that it’s near the end of your term and we’re awaiting the inauguration of our new President decided this was a good time to write to you. I will be honest with you. Maybe brutally honest but I will also be respectful.

I did not vote for you in 2008 or 2012. I wasn’t crazy about the other 2 candidates either;McCain and Romney. In fact i voted for 2 different candidates in the primary because their names were still on our ballot.I did vote McCain and Romney in the general elections. There weren’t choices i was thrilled with but those were the choices i made.

I had the feeling you were going to win. You ran 2 terrific campaigns and you did have the media on your side. While McCain and Romney both ran terrible campaigns PLUS they had the media opposed to them. I have to give the American people credit too; for not being the racists i was accused of being for NOT voting for you.

It meant that are country has a long ways to go yet;but it had come a long ways already to get over the prejudices of the past.

So when i woke up Nov 8 and learned that you had been elected and re-elected i was not the least bit surprised. So what did i do? Put on a pot of coffee and got the day started.Nothing changed. We would go to church on Sunday.I’d spend the day helping out with my dad(he had Parkinson’s). Life would go on. What i would not do is contact the folks and whip up a protest or march in the streets.I definitely would not organize a riot. I didn’t vote for you,but other people did and you won. The American people had spoken. End of story.

There was always the  next election and another candidate if we didn’t like the way things worked out. I voted-did my part anyway.

Trust me,i wasn’t crazy about you. However, i remember being on twitter when i found a tweet where someone actually threatened to kill you and your family. I took a screen shot and got as much information as you could get from a tweet  I sent it into the FBI tip line immediately.As much as i wasn’t crazy about you this just wasn’t right.You don’t try to kill a Pres and you definitely don’t try to kill the President’s family. i don’t care whether or not you voted for that person or if they were the worst President on the planet.I’m not telling you this to get a pat on the back. It was the right thing to do.I am telling you to make a point.

What we’ve witnessed on the streets since Trump won the election is a disgrace. It’s not how we do things in our country. We don’t riot when we don’t like the outcome. I was honestly hoping you would turn out to be a better President than i had imagined you might be. If nothing else you could have used the bully pulpit to bring the country together. You had the  unique role of being the first black President our country has ever elected.It’s more divided now than it has ever been. Our police are under siege and anarchists are ruling the streets in some of our major cities. You call this a testament to the peaceful transfer of power we have always prided our country on?

Instead of encouraging the rioters to calm down you as much as gave them the green light to make a make a mockery of our election. When those who elected Mr Trump should be celebrating with him-his inauguration will be marred by rioters. Thanks. He will not be given the chance you were given-the benefit of the doubt many people gave you. I worry that once he’s in office you will be casting a shadow behind him at every turn.Something Pres Bush never did to you even when blamed him for so much.He didn’t say a word. I hope that you will do the same for Mr Trump but i wonder how short lived that will be. I hope I’m wrong.  Once you gave the rioters that go ahead; that was the last straw. They have the right to free expression. Nobody wants to silence anyone but what’s going on here is not free expression.It’s shameful. These are not peaceful protests. They intend to be disruptive and you know it. We’ll let it go this time ;what choice do we have? You can be sure that there will come a time the shoe will be on the other foot. We won’t forget.

I’m sorry to have to say that too. What a disgrace to our country this has been.I hope by January the dust will have settled. The American people have spoken again. We have a right to be heard too and we did it the right way;through the ballot box. I hope we get our moment to celebrate, just like the country did, when you won.



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