what exactly IS a transition team

In the United States, scheduled presidential transitions, those not brought about by a president’s death or resignation from office, begin the day after the November presidential election, and conclude roughly two and a half months later, on January 20, as specified in the Twentieth Amendment. The presidential transition is regulated by The Presidential Transition Act of 1963 Pub.L. 88–277,[4] amended by The Presidential Transitions Effectiveness Act of 1998 Pub.L. 100–398 [5] and The Presidential Transition Act of 2000 Pub.L. 106–293.[6][7] The Act as amended directs the Administrator of General Services to provide facilities, funding of approximately five million dollars, access to government services, and support for a transition team, and to provide training and orientation of new government personnel and other procedures to ensure an orderly transition.

The president-elect will also usually appoint a ‘presidential transition team’ during the campaign to prepare for a smooth transfer of power following the presidential inauguration. A law enacted by the United States Congress in 2016 requires the incumbent President to establish “transition councils” by June of an election year to facilitate the eventual handover of power.[8]

Source: U.S. Presidential Transition Team


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