Let’s not do their dirty work for them

The transition of Donald J. Trump (and Mike Pence).

The media has to have some ‘sexy’ story to cover about the Pres-elect and the transition every other day. When they don’t have a story they start talking about how the transition

is bumpy,in shambles, going to hell in a  hand basket. A little like their stories the campaign was imploding.We know how accurate that was.

Worse,they’re putting out rumors and rumors of rumors.

The plan; get his base to abandon him. Exactly what they’re up to.

Romney went to a meeting with Trump and Pence in New Jersey.


President-elect Donald Trump and Mitt Romney shake hands as Romney leaves Trump National Golf Club Bedminster in Bedminster, N.J., Saturday, Nov. 19, 2016. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

All of sudden word is that Romney could be picked for Sec of State.Now when Romney left the meeting did either man say anything about a possible appointment?

NOPE. Not a peep. Romney made a short comment about how the meeting went well and sped away in a car not to be heard from again. Next thing we know the media has him down as a possible in the cabinet. Give me a break,as Trump would say.

The media knows they can milk this one for days-and they DID.

Words to the wise; no matter what the media says about anything, don’t buy it until you actually SEE it happen.Look,I’m not crazy about a pick of Romney as Sec of State either but if Trump and Romney wanted to patch things up and put an end to the bad blood between them,good for both of them. Trump is going to be  President now-this is how  I want to see a President act. The campaign is over.As for Romney,can imagine how difficult it must have been to put himself out there like that. So you have to give him some credit too. The point is nothing came out of it except media hype. We should know better.

Now there is this and it’s a whole other matter:President Elect Donald Trump’s Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway confirmed this morning the new administration would not go after Hillary Clinton’s private email server issue when they take office on January 20, 2017.

Let’s asses the whole matter where it stands now.

Comey put the email scandal to rest already. The reality is, he did so under the Obama administration  with Loretta Lynch as Attorney General at the DOJ. It’s kind of a case closed and she lost the election.

There is another scandal. The pay for play of the Clinton Foundation.

We have to point out a few facts. The President does not have the authority to appoint a special prosecutor.The President does not have the authority to investigate,prosecute or charge anyone with anything. PERIOD. In short it is NOT his job.
The one person who COULD appoint a special prosecutor is the Attorney General. Under President Trump that would be Jeff Sessions(great choice btw).

 In short it IS his [Sessions]job.


For now consider the effects of  a Pres-Elect Trump jumping into a pursuit of Hillary Clinton’s scandals before he has even taken office.Furthermore,consider a Pres Trump

doing what would amount to politicizing what are supposed to be independent agencies.

Something our current President did; from the DOJ to the IRS. At this point there isn’t a single agency of the Federal government that Obama hasn’t politicized .If you’re going to drain the swamp you have to UN POLITICIZE these agencies,particularly the DOJ and FBI.

Mr Trump has a very ambitious agenda and getting embroiled  in this scandal  personally would be foolish. It doesn’t preclude Sessions from requesting a special prosecutor nor does it stop the the FBI in its current investigation into the Clinton Foundation. That already started-and some in Congress are still doing their own investigation. There is one elephant in the room we’re not talking about either. An Obama pardon as he leaves office.

I may end up livid if Sessions doesn’t do a damned thing about the corruption of the Clinton’s. However,I am not going to attack Trump for something we’re speculating about and the media is trying to use to divide and conquer his support with. i’m of the wait and see with my own two eyes point of view.

Let’s be clear. He got elected but that doesn’t mean they’re done.Not by a long shot. If they can destroy him they will. Whether it’s during the transition before he even takes office or when he actually takes the oath of office and becomes President. We don’t need to help them out.He’s going to need all the support he can get and the one group he could count on us was us. His most loyal supporters,his base as it were. He loses us they’ve “got” him.

That’s their plan.


I’m not sure Obama wouldn’t pardon her anyway but Pax’s thought is worth considering.

It’s lights out for now-we’ll take it up again later today.Meantime,you have to give Trump thumbs up for his 100 day agenda and his cabinet picks to date.


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