100% @realDonaldTrump 0% Romney

Word is that Mitt Romney apologized to Donald Trump. Good. He should because it’s the right thing to do. Trump can accept if he chooses. He can also say sorry,no can do. That’s up to him. Romney OWES him the apology.Trump owes him nothing and now it’s time to move on.

I could put up all the videos with all the terrible speeches Romney made about Trump.You’ve seen them. i won’t waste the time.

I could even post all the stories about the Never Trump meetings secret and otherwise that Romney held,supported or participated in, but again,i won’t waste the time.

In fact i could post the PLAN the Never Trump movement had to get Romney elected at a brokered convention or even  the other PLAN to throw the election to Hillary so Romney or Ryan or Romney/Ryan could run again in 2020. I won’t waste the time. 

The problem here is not just everything Romney did to try and take Trump down-it could have cost us the election and given it to Hillary.Romney was actually willing to chance it.Let that sink in. Trump had enough to fight against,without having to deal with people like this in his own party.

Consider this too:you’d expect the other candidates to attack Trump during the nomination process. Romney wasn’t even running and had no reason to attack Trump.Romney even continued to attack Trump AFTER he got the nomination.He called us Trump supporters suckers.Hillary called us plenty of things but to have someone in our own party insult us is inexcusable.

Sorry-Romney can move on now. It’s over. He did it to himself. For the benefit of the country,for the benefit of the party and for the benefit of Mr Trump and his supporters who worked their butts off for him;which Romney did not-he should graciously bow out and go back to private life.
Word is that Reince is supporting the Romney appointment when Romney shouldn’t be considered for ANYTHING;if that’s true Mr Trump should let Reince know who’s in charge here and get on with the transition.

Nobody hates Romney and nobody is abandoning Mr Trump. We are thrilled that he will be inaugurated on Jan 20th. We wish it were sooner actually. We just know that Mr Trump has been picking out some of the best people[ and will continue to do so] but Romney is not one of them.Romney has thrown a monkey wrench into a smooth transition. The best thing to do would be to get this out of the way and move on. By Jan it will all just be a foot note.

Now it’s also possible that Trump had never intended to pick Romney and some sleazeballs are trying to stir things up and cause trouble for Mr Trump. Anything is possible.The liberal media is trying to trip things up but it doesn’t matter whether it’s just a rumor or actually true; one bump in the road is not a big deal if things get moving along again.

Romney will be fine. He can certainly get on with his life.There are plenty of other qualified people Mr Trump can pick from and the transition will get rolling again. As noted,Mr Trump has made some terrific choices so far.

Trump has a big heart but Romney is a SNAKE. It’s that simple. Let’s put this thing to rest.





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