The Fear Factor

Propaganda is used to get you to change YOUR mind about what you believe is true. By definition that’s what propaganda IS.

The media uses it, especially on the uninformed-and sometimes they can even get to the informed.

If the media can get the unmovable dedicated Trump supporters to doubt him they can destroy him before he takes the oath of office and if not then,  after he takes the oath office.

Better ahead of time, but they’ll settle for after, if they have to.


Simple;get you to be convinced you’ve been betrayed.

Simple;spread rumors & that’s not difficult to do.

The one way these lying bastards have to destroy Trump is to drive a wedge between him and his supporters.

They’re going to keep digging up dirt too.. Remember they colluded with Clinton. Did they change? Have they seen the light of being actual journalists?

CNN’s Amanpour: “Journalism Faces Existential Crisis in Trump”

 never in a million years thought I would be up here on stage appealing for the freedom and safety of American journalists at home”

What was that supposed to mean? Trump got elected so journalists are now at risk? You mean they won’t get to collude with an administration? You mean they won’t get to cheat and feed debate questions to their preferred candidate? You mean they’ll have to skip the special treatment by an administration? You mean they won’t go to a candidate and get their coverage approved?

“I feel that we face an existential crisis, a threat to the very relevance and usefulness of our profession. Now, more than ever, we need to commit to real reporting across a real nation, a real world in which journalism and democracy are in mortal peril, including by foreign powers like Russia paying to churn out and place false news, and hacking into democratic systems here and allegedly in upcoming crucial German and French elections too.”

NOW i get it. Since Donald J.Trump got elected they’ll have to start digging up dirt and call it reporting the truth, after they’ve spent 8 yr lying and covering up a corrupt government.NOW they want to engage in real reporting? [Kind of late to the ball game,don’t you think?] Of course they do.It’s not their candidate anymore.

They may even try to influence Trump’s most supportive base,drive a wedge,claim he’s betrayed them and utterly destroy him before he gets into office or even after.How do you do that? Churn out those rumors re the transition team. The same way they churned out the rumors re the campaign. Remember that? Trump’s campaign is imploding,his poll numbers are sinking,Hillary has this all wrapped up.


Here’s the deal; unless Trump comes out and announces an appointment it’s probably not going to happen. He’s going to pick a few people we may not like but  HE sees are qualified for the job[ in spite of some animosity during the campaign]. We are going to hear all kinds of stories about these people that may or may not be true. Remember the left still has a vested interest in taking him down-and the media is part of that cabal.They’re going to use the nuclear  fear factor on the people who supported Trump the most.

He hasn’t been sworn in yet. How about we give him the 4 yr we elected him for and support him. Let the rumors fly. We don’t have to eat our own at this point. We won!

BTW i am of the mind that there is ONE exception:MITT ROMNEY. When hell freezes over and even if it does. i am still behind Trump 100%. I’m just not behind Romney at all.Will see how that goes and post another day. I want to be sure this isn’t one of those transition team stories-it’s sexy for the news media but may or may not be true.It could be the media colluding with the anti Trump forces again.



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