Scott Adams(dilbert creator)is onto something here

Mr Adams  calls the meltdown over the Trump win  ‘A Lesson in Cognitive Dissonance.’ Mr. Adam’s writes,

The reason this will be so fun to watch is that we rarely get to see a situation in which the facts so vigorously violate a hallucination. Before Trump won the presidency everyone was free to imagine the future they expected. But as Trump continues to do one reasonable thing after another, his critics have a tough choice. They can either…

1. Reinterpret their self-images from wise to clueless.


2. Generate an even stronger hallucination. (Cognitive dissonance.)

If Trump’s critics take the second option – and most of them will – it means you will see a lot of pretzel-logic of the type that is necessary hold onto the illusion that Trump is still a monster despite continuing evidence to the contrary.

Full article here:

Now let’s talk about WHY Trump won.

He talked to the American people directly about how the country was being ripped off and the jobs/wealth robbed from us by other countries. Now if Trump were your typical politician (he isn’t)you could wonder if he was being disingenuous. You know, all talk/no action, saying what the people wanted to hear. The problem is he meant every word of it-he’s been jumping up and down about it for years. He called NAFTA the worst trade deal ever and TPP another disaster on the horizon. In one of his interviews with  Oprah Winfrey he reiterated how the country was being ripped and if it ever got so bad ,then he would run for President. Well,it got so bad and none of the candidates the Republican party put up actually won. He noted if he ran ,he would run to win.

Trump made the claim-somewhat jokingly-he would be the greatest jobs President that God ever created. One thing he could say is that these politicians,for the most part,were good at one thing and job creation wasn’t it. They were good at creating government programs. Trump hadn’t created one government program and had actually created both jobs and wealth. He knows how the economy works.He also lives by  2 mottos;DREAM BIG and NEVER GIVE UP. Boy,did the American people need to hear that.Hillary and the nay sayers had basically  one message-never Trump.They were doomed to failure. It’s not what the American people needed to hear.Never Trump was not a solution.

Neither Obama(in particular)or Clinton ever created a job or brought wealth into the United States. What the left does well is hammer the other side on social issues. Trump was smart. He stated he was pro life but didn’t get into philosophical arguments over it and ‘same sex’ marriage was taken off the table[ thanks to the left.]Trump could easily pivot back to the economic issues that ALL Americans face. Trump is not an ideologist.Obama was never anything but. The folks liked that Trump said all the things that they were actually thinking.Trump for his part was too big to ever give a fat rats butt what people thought.Sure he was never PC,sure he rubbed people the wrong way sometimes but the folks in fly over country were sick and tired  of all the PC talk and here was their mouthpiece. THEIR champion as it were.He had a history of getting things done too. That was all she wrote; of course he won. 

There was something much deeper than jobs,economics and the table issues. Trump loved his country. Say what you like about the man and his personal life he had that one virtue we were starved for;love of country.We waxed nostalgic, along with Trump, for the America we used to know. The Democrats tried to pin the racist tag on him but then the Democrats cried racist every time they disagreed with someone.  Nobody believes that racism doesn’t exist-of course it does-but we were tired of being pinned as a racist every time we disagreed with the left.

When everyone is a racist,nobody is a racist.

i’m not talking about the racist days of the past(even if there were a minority that took it that way). I’m talking about the America, people of ALL races,  waxed nostalgic for. Our culture is up to its eyeballs in garbage*.

The left isn’t taking it well. Understatement.They may be suffering from congnitive dissonance as Scott Adams posited. They are definitely not willing to concede an inch to fly over country. Not those slope headed stupid people who lack the sophistication they have.[BTW,the  never Trumps on the other side had this same attitude, but for different reasons, and they don’t typically riot.They tried  to take him down  in more ‘gentile’ ways]We had a message for all of them;. Left and Right,Democrat and Republican elite. Drain the swamp. Trust me,Trump won and he will be sworn into office on Jan 20th (despite the recent stupidity of a recount)and the swamp draining will commence. It’s going to be interesting to see how that goes. He’s got a great team put together so  far. Stay tuned.

*an entry for another day.plenty  to chew on.



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