Tucker “Boom Boom” Carlson.The Flag Burning Debate @tuckercarlson

The flag burning infuriates me too.

So the guy who defended it says we have the freedom to burn the flag. It’s  not against the law. i’ll give him that. The Supreme Court made the decision.

He also says burning the flag,basically,is a way to protest the government. The flag is NOT the government. It’s a symbol.When my father passed away they respectfully folded the flag-he was a WWII vet-& handed it to my mother. The funeral home later gave her a display case as a keepsake.So when these “protestors”(anarchists,rioters)burn the flag they’re not really protesting the government. They’re protesting our American values.

As for freedom,can we please define freedom. Freedom is the right to do the moral good or ought. We are NEVER free to commit a morally evil act;that’s license.I’m not saying flag burning itself is morally evil. i am suggesting it’s not freedom.We do have a moral obligation to be good citizens and obey legitimate authority.

His guest also kept bringing up the inalienable rights we are guaranteed in our country.

They are guaranteed by our Creator and among them are LIFE,LIBERTY and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. I’ m not sure where flag burning fits in with a right guaranteed by our Creator.

The real fatal flaw in the man’s reasoning is when he said President Trump wanted people to burn the flag. Hello people-Donald Trump is not President until Jan 20th.Obama is still President  2. Donald Trump does not want anyone to burn the flag. The comment is so convoluted I will leave it at that.

Tucker “Boom Boom” Carlson had another doozy on this week. It was a woman who set up a facebook page to help kids deal with Trump being elected President.

She said the kids had come up with the ideas in  play ground talk. Baloney. These kids didn’t come up with this stuff on their own. They heard the adults in the room having the conversation. You’d have to be a special kind of stupid to believe a word she said.It’s like expecting us to believe the media has integrity and is both fair and objective.

Here’s something else i noticed about the media this week;as they TRY and analyze  the election. They are trying to figure out how and why Trump won. It was supposed to be Hillary ;according to them. They certainly tried their darndest. Maybe that’s why they’re still in shock. They thought they did a pretty good job of campaigning for her. What they’re really thinking is, ‘how could she lose when we did everything  we could to take down Trump and help her win.’ They’re not going to SAY that. They really believe they did their best for her (they did)so to them it’s  a failed campaign on THEIR part. Now they’re explaining it by saying she ran a poor campaign,that she was a terrible candidate,that the polls the Clinton campaign had were wrong etc. etc. God forbid they say anything positive about Trump. BTW. The polls were as crooked as Hillary.She was never up by those fantastic numbers they had her at. i watched the Trump rallies. Every single one of them. They were amazing. What the hay; the VP candidate Mike Pence got bigger-more enthusiastic crowds-than Hillary and her pick Tim Kaine couldn’t attract a fly with an animal carcass.Yet,the media kept trying to lie to us. They forgot about social media.

Truth be told,we don’t care. He’s going to be our President. They-the media-stink on ice.

Tucker Carlson Tonight sure beats Megyn Kelly at 9:00 and Sean Hannity does a good job on the other side of her  at 10:00.Tucker has had some real thought provoking debates since he started the 7:00 slot. He listens to his guests,he gives them ample room to defend their pov and then BOOM …he holds their feet to the fire. It’s great.


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