#AlwaysTrump #NeverRomney ;@transition2017 Sarah Palin yes!


Pres elect Trump and VP elect  Pence  have been hard at work getting the team together to go into the Trump administration in 2017. It’s been a very exciting time and Mr Trump has had some great to totally awesome picks as we watch his administration fall into place.

Now let’s talk about the picks he hasn’t made but are under consideration. First this one:


Illegal Aliens was the cornerstone of Trump’s campaign. The day he came down the escalator with Melania and announced he mentioned it.Mr Trump must surround himself with people who will work hard at getting his agenda enacted. There will be enough opposition;even from some in his own party.

The next pick that’s gotten around the grapevine is Sarah Palin for the Va Secretary. Would never have thought of it. Great choice,good position for her. Perfect fit.The folks are excited about that one.

Then there’s Romney for SOS. Romney put out a statement re Mr Trump that was so glowing that were it from anyone else i might buy it. From Romney it was enough to make anyone gag. Which Romney are we looking at here then? Remember when Mr Trump supported Romney. Trump was the greatest. When Trump ran for office we  got the other back biting Romney .Now if Romney had been in the race himself it would have made sense because the candidates are  competing. He wasn’t. Romney came out of hiding for the sole purpose of DESTROYING Trump. Down the road who knows which of these people Mr Trump might end up with;but i can tell you flat out the folks are not happy with Mitt even being considered. There’s a reason Romney didn’t win his bid.

i’ll be honest. i voted for him. Actually it was a vote to stop Obama rather than a vote of confidence  in Romney. The point is, i did vote for him. In fact when he lost i felt bad for him and thought he gave one of the most gracious concession speeches i have ever heard. It was at that point i actually gained a lot of respect for Romney. Boy,he sure threw that out the window. if i had a chance to do it again,knowing what i know now,i would never have voted for him.i wouldn’t vote Obama but you can be sure i would have sat it out.I have never sat out an election. i wish Mr Trump would just forgive Romney-forget what he did-and move on.I’m fine with all that. I do not hate Romney. i can’t think of anyone,even in close relationships,that i have ever hated. i am convinced that he’s just NOT the one for SOS. i also happen to know Mr Trump risks alienating a huge chunk of his most ardent supporters over this one. We all said(INCLUDING Trump)drain the swamp. Romney IS the swamp and these folks would feel horribly betrayed. i would stick with Trump in spite of it but i’m not so sure about the rest of his support. It wouldn’t be pretty. He needs that support.

My advice is;don’t do it Mr Trump. You and Mitt shook hands & buried the hatchet. Leave it at that. You both look like bigger men for it but it’s time to move on and let him go back to his private life again. What he did was just so beyond the pale he should be happy there’s no hard feelings between you two.Maybe there’s another spot in the admin you could give him.One that does NOT carry the weight of SOS.

He’s the personification of everything you said you’d stay away from.Words to the wise Mr Trump.











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