Library : The Evangelizing Power of Beauty | Catholic Culture

I currently find myself embroiled on the frontline of the culture wars as a result of the publication of my new book, The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde. My research revealed, among other things, that Wilde had a lifelong love affair with the Catholic Church and that he considered his descent into homosexuality as his “pathology.” Having recovered from the homosexual “sickness,” Wilde finally succumbed to the true love of his life when he was received into the Catholic Church on his deathbed. This hard evidence, combined with the orthodox Christian morality of the vast majority of his work, destroys the popular image of Wilde as a gay icon or pioneer of (homo)sexual liberation.Needless to say, this “unmasking” of their idol has led many homosexuals to question their attitude toward Wilde; it may also, one may hope, lead some of them to question their attitude toward homosexuality itself. Either way, the book is receiving considerable attention in the homosexual media, and I look forward with relish to debating the whole issue at a public debate on Wilde in San Francisco later this year. Once again, as with Tolkien, the successful application of cultural apologetics reaches audiences who would never dream of attending an overly Catholic meeting. May the encounter prove catalytic and fruitful! In these sad but exciting times, apologists of every shade should unite in the battle to win a doubting world to timeless truth.

Source: Library : The Evangelizing Power of Beauty | Catholic Culture


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