The Media is Dangerous and UNHINGED





Watch for the word UNHINGED next.


The White House always needs to be held accountable. We have a problem. The press looked the other way for 8 yr.Obama and Clinton got away with murder-asso literally.


The first reason fake news is a threat to our Republic is because people become convinced lies are truth.For instance saying Trump is racist,xenophobic, authoritarian(Hitler or Hitler like),a white supremacist etc jacks up some people who are already jacked up enough.It’s not fair to the people who voted Trump; it associates those attributes with us. They’re not just attacking Trump.They’re attacking the people who voted for him.When the rioters were convinced those things were true they felt they were justified in the people they hurt and the property they damaged. It’s not fair to the average person who can’t decide who to vote for.

They can’t possibly make a fair judgement. They end up not knowing what to believe and they probably stay home.The good news is that there are ALTERNATIVE news sites now and social media.The down side is that now one has to sift though an avalanche of information and sometimes the alternative sites don’t do a good job of vetting their stories.So it’s possible to get more fake news than we bargained for. On the up side you can catch on and eventually learn how to sift through it all. I posted one or two crap articles here when i first started out. I learned not to post everything i read that looked authentic and found the sites that had good (reliable)info over time.Unfortunately when the main stream media puts out fake news and some of the alternative sites don’t do a good job of vetting ,i imagine ppl can begin to wonder if you can trust any news at all.

Fake news like ‘Hands up,Don’t Shoot ‘ & police were targeting blacks, damaged race relations almost irreparably and set off riots in major cities across the U.S. Law enforcement became the target of street assassinations. Once people believe something to be true it’s very difficult(maybe impossible) to convince them otherwise. You would think the media would try to be more responsible.It’s one thing to put out crap lazy stories,it’s another matter when  you put people and property at risk.There were even lies in the news about Trump supporters attacking people and property. They’re not against us? Dream on.

Wayne Dupree had a very good point on his show tonight.He said flat out it’s not fake news-it’s LIES.Fake news exonerates them. LIES is exactly  right. Why dress it up?

Ashley Pratte,Judith Miller and Steven Hayes are all dead wrong. Pres Trump had to to hold that press conference and stand up to the media.We’ve had plenty of candidates who ‘act Presidential’ and they were all destroyed by the left holding hands with the media. If  you’re not impressed because Trump doesn’t put on an act,that’s YOUR problem.Pres Obama acted Presidential.He could put on a good show. What a piece of work he was.



We always knew the media was in the tank for liberals.Little did we know they were directly tied to the campaigns.Although we kind of suspected it. Trump is not Thomas Jefferson.He’s a businessman who can probably be as ruthless as he is kind.However,if you look at Trump over the years-and there’s plenty of video-he’s been saying the same thing for years. The one thing nobody can hold against Trump is his love of our country,the people and his do what it takes to save her attitude.

Mike Gallagher  gets it. “Everything that got Donald Trump elected,” Gallagher said, “was on display in the press conference yesterday. And if any of these elitists think that average, hard-working, normal Americans give a rat’s rear end about the media being tweaked by President Trump, they are comically out of touch with reality. He’s had a really good month and the best is yet to come. We’re in for a ride!”

You see, THAT press conference grabbed the narrative back from the media.Will they stop? Will they do some self evaluation? Probably not, but we can’t have them stoking these anti American riots and anarchy either by painting the President as a Hitler or whatever else they come up with.Trump did the right thing. When he stands up for himself,he’s standing up for us.

We know very well there is a soft coup going on.We know  very well George Soros,Barack Obama and the Clinton’s are behind taking Trump out-and we know very well the media is co-operating in that effort. It’s not only dishonest,it’s dangerous as hell.

Is President Trump going to make mistakes? Sure. Is President Trump going to work very hard to turn the country around? YES. Is the media going to cover his accomplishments? NO. Is the media going to highlight his mistakes? They will not only highlight them,they will blow them out of proportion. 

I would be ok with the media honestly reporting his failures if they honestly reported his successes. They looked the other way for 10 yrs. The Democrats ran an un-convicted felon for President and the media tried to help her.Can you imagine? Think about that. Now they decide they have to do their job. 
They’re trying to claim Pres Trump is shutting down freedom of speech. Utter nonsense. Open your eyes and look around.

They’re trying to destroy the President by any means possible. Riots,anarchy, LIES…sedition. You’re darned right we’re going to stand up for President Trump.I don’t know where they get the idea that they can turn back the clock and get Hillary in.
The resistance is so stupid it’s laughable. Most of the people involved in this so called ‘resistance’ missed their civics class. They’re useful idiots for Soros,Obama and Clinton.
They can cause mayhem(and they are)but they aren’t going to change a thing. 

The election is over.Trump is not going to be Thomas Jefferson.Trump is going to be Trump. The media is on notice. We know you’re lying and you have no sway over us-that scares you.You no longer matter to us. Tough.Why do we need pundits to tell us what to think? We can make up our own minds.It’s not a ‘free press’ when it picks a side against us.It’s not a free press when there’s riots in the streets,hate speech encouraging assassination of our (fairly  elected)President and flat out attacks on everything he says or does when it doesn’t fit the media narrative.You are now in OUR new norm.



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