Mother Was Wise @alexa_wotus



Mother Was Wise


” all you have to do is love and forgive”

What do you do if people are not willing to forgive you? That happens(I should know).You go on. You get to confession,take responsibility and avoid being bitter. I’m not saying there won’t be days you think to yourself,boy,could it get any worse? Mom(your grandma) used to tell us kids,offer it up.What she meant was accept your cross and give it to God. She was right.Of course,there’s 2 ways of accepting your cross.First, is that you accept it because there’s no choice anyway. Pain,suffering and death are inescapable.The second you come into the world you’re already on the march.The redemptive way to accept is to give it to God and embrace it as best as humanly possible.I’m half way between those 2. I’ve also engaged in some serious self reflection and realized MOST of the rejection i  brought  on myself and i shouldn’t be the least bit surprised by the reaction i got.So what do you do then? You still go on. Mom was a little trooper. No matter what happened to her or what she went through she didn’t complain.She wasn’t fearful or she didn’t let on she was.She was one of the bravest people i have ever known. Dad was right up there with her.

I guess part of that was because their generation faced so much in their lifetime and they weren’t pampered.The sad part is that i never realized how right they were until late in life. We patched up our relationship and worked at becoming close.I regret terribly that i hadn’t figured it out sooner.I never told them i loved them as much as i should have.

This was the best tweet i read in a long time. You read something like this and go WOW.

It made my day.


As for the other regrettable choices i made-can’t undo.The sun is still coming up though. The breeze from the lake still feels good.The sky is just gorgeous. The world is still turning.God is still good.We still have people we have to try to love enough.Sometimes you have to pray for the grace of patience. And

Saint (Pope)John Paul II, SALVIFICI DOLORIS  Redemptive Suffering on the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering

God made us for joy.jpg


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