A Call To Arms (Part I)


Donald Trump was elected the 45th POTUS on Nov 8,2017.

We did not vote for Trump because the Russians tracked us down and forced us to vote for him.

We did not vote for him based on some stupid(TOTALLY B.S.)story that the Russians “hacked” the election. BTW,if  you have even 1/2 a brain you know that nobody can hack an election unless the voting machines are connected to the the internet. They’re NOT.

This is so stupid you stand a better chance of spotting big foot or the lochness monster.

You would have to be THAT stupid and gullible to buy the media bull—-.

I’m sorry the fake news either deliberately skewed the polls to discourage Trump voters or they were so poorly done they missed the mark.Their problem,not ours. He won.Hillary got the far left corners of the country that Trump probably could never have won anyway.For example,the large cities of New York and California are very liberal and voted Hillary.She took those for granted. Trump worked his heart out in the other states and most of us there had already made up our minds. 

Long story,short, Trump won.Trump won legitimately;the same way Bill Clinton and Barack Obama won both their elections.Each man won 2 terms.

I did not vote for Obama. I dreaded having him as President. A lot of us dreaded having him as President.We survived. We hoped for the best. I don’t recall any violence or riots.We didn’t protest every day.We didn’t think we needed to ‘blow up the White House.’ We didn’t try to destroy his presidency. We weren’t crazy about it but it was a valid election. I’ll give you there were some birthers(Hillary Clinton included)but most of us knew he got the vote. We didn’t dread him because he was black.We dreaded the thought of him destroying the country. The only group  that organized against him was the Tea Party, but if  people remember correctly they also opposed George Bush and his policies. They went after some Republicans in Congress too. People forget that.They also forget that Obama sent the IRS an enemies list for them to target.The Tea Party and other conservative groups were among the targets. 


Donald Trump was elected and all hell broke loose. In fact, while he was still campaigning, there were riots against him and his supporters in Chicago  that forced him to call off a rally that was scheduled to take place. Since he’s been elected,even on Inauguration Day,there have been all kinds of demonstrations and Trump supporters attacked. On Inauguration Day there were Democrat members of Congress  who deliberately and PUBLICLY refused to show up. Who does that?

As of today Dr Ben Carson has not been confirmed because the Democrats are holding up Pres Trump nominees.We’re going into March.

Again,who does that?

I don’t know about you but I’m sick of it. I’m tired of the left’s attacks on our country,on the regular folks out here,on our values and on the person WE elected President.Soros,Obama, Clinton and the media are part of this cabal.

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat even suggested that Trump should be assassinated. 
The answer is ENOUGH. We can’t just sit back and let them organize and attack. We have a lot at stake here. We need to use the  clout we have and fight back hard. If all else fails,we may have to fight back even harder. 

The first of order of business here folks is to light up their phone lines and get his nominees through. He can’t fight without us.

The next order of business is to get the Republicans to support our President. Susan Collins,John McCain and Lindsey Graham are the bottom of the barrel. Now i see Darrel  Issa is joining the opposition.


The story made the Huffington Post.Of course it did.

It’s all a call to arms folks.Either we stand up or they are going to continue to walk all over us and do everything in their power to destroy the Trump administration. Steve Bannon had it 100% correct. They [and that includes some Republicans] are not going to give up power easily for even a second.We don’t have to tolerate being called facist,racist,Nazi’s and all that other crap.Stick together,make plans, follow through.We’re in for the fight of our lives.

We MUST be engaged.




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