Why gab.ai puts Twitter to shame

I know the lines to sign up for gab were long but hang in there.It’s worth it.Maybe by now  the line has shortened and they’re  rolling along.It didn’t take that long though.I was a bona fide gabber after a few days.

If you’re a member you can follow me here: https://gab.ai/theratzpack

I will follow back.

On Twitter my account WAS @theratzpack

The account is under suspension.It happened the night of the Gatlinburg, Tennesee fires.

There was no news coverage when the terrible fire was raging.Twitter had all kinds of videos and info.

I caught it and took it upon myself to help ‘tweet’ out the  info.It was the last time  i sent out a tweet.They (the powers that be)suspended my account.The  only reason i could come up with is a Twitter algothrim recognized the tweets as spam.I went to the Twitter support page,explained the circumstances(I was DEFINITELY NOT harassing anyone that night)and they replied.I assume they replied.My guess is they send out automated emails and seldom bother to read the tickets they get.I followed the steps and then it came to putting in a phone number.Well,we don’t have phone service.We have SPECTRUM cable.PERIOD.Internet only.

I emailed support several times only to be told they’d look into it.Never  heard a word.

I replied to their emails so they had to have known it was not a compromised account.

You know as well as i do that Twitter CENSORS BIG  LEAGUE.

All someone has  to do is report and block you and you’re going to be suspended.It may even be a permanent suspension.After you’ve been there for YEARS and built up a following and they still don’t think twice about letting you go.

I unfollow and block people all the time.I’ve seldom reported anyone except in cases where there’s death threats or they’re mimicking someone else’s account. I don’t report someone just because they’ve  offended me or  or even if they actually ARE harassing me. It’s easy enough to block. People go on little revenge trips there and just block and report to fix you.

Now on gab there are 2 features.There is follow and unfollow and if you don’t think you’re going to get along with someone, you just don’t follow them or you unfollow.It’s simple. 

Gab advertises free speech and unlike Twitter it IS free speech.

The format allows for more than 140 characters. There’s a repost and vote up.Nice features.They’re working on other features too and i see good things happening over there. The only reason i would want to stay on Twitter is because Donald Trump is there and i’ve made great contacts  with people who support him-as well as become friends with those folks.GAB is missing our President but it’s also missing the drama,the blocking and the suspensions.Pure crazy.

IF you have an issue you can actually contact a LIVE person who will respond.Trust me,that’s not going to happen at Twitter. Gab has a simple sign up.Twitter-set aside some time and if you don’t have a phone or it doesn’t recognize your phone no as valid you’re up the creek without the paddle.

Twitter gets a D- to  F. If it weren’t for President Trump it would fall off the planet.

Gab gets a B+ to A





must have their panties in a knot





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