First FISA Request

The 1st FISA request for a wiretap on Trump-which was denied- is as important as the 2nd one that was granted.

Why? Simple.It will tell us what the INTENT of the Obama Administration was.As i understand it the 2nd request left out the name Trump.Again,that’s as i understand it. However,even if that were true it doesn’t matter. Why? Again,simple.It didn’t have to mention Trump because,by then,it would have been  understood to mean Trump anyway.

Again,the rejected FISA request is just as important because it reveals the Obama administrations intent.Were they out to get Trump with some bunk Russian story?

Frankly,someone should spill the beans. If anyone wants immunity they should give up the info before it’s granted.We know how that went the last time.Someone should speak up anyway for the sake of the country.It would only take 1 person with integrity.

As for people having a canary about Trump tweeting(pun intended)keep in mind that the media would be thrilled to help destroy his presidency.The best way for Pres Trump to get any news out there is to tweet it himself.If he does the tweeting which so enrages them, they almost have to cover it.At the least it gets out there.

He had to drop the bombshell about the wiretapping. No choice.

My thinking is that he MUST have something very concrete  or he wouldn’t have made the accusation.




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