You want the Truth Media? Something that eludes you.

The Obama administration put out the ‘Russia interfered in our election’ narrative. You lap dogs ran with it.

The narrative was supposed to destroy Donald Trump. The Obama administration had to make sure there was a wiretap on Trump and his team.The intent was to get even a smidgen of something they could pin on the Trump admin.It would I  give their [bogus] Russian story legs. Obama even gave 16 different agencies access to information.He also had the privacy protections that were in place REMOVED to make sure there were leaks.

Pretty rotten wouldn’t you say?  I think it’s pretty rotten  because that’s  actually the genesis of a police state;but what do you care?

Sorry your candidate didn’t win. Join the club.The people voted.It happens. Unfortunately it was you people who decided you had to cover up for Obama for 8 yrs and campaigned for Hillary last year.

Nobody forced you.I even heard some ‘reporter’ in the press briefing today ask  Sean Spicer what Trump was going to do about the bridge between himself and Obama.Who cares? Why does he have to build a bridge with Obama? i didn’t know that was part of the job  description.

You mean why doesn’t he kiss Obama’s butt like you people do? Why is it incumbent upon  Trump to build a bridge with a past  administration? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

Here’s a warning: the American ppl are only going to take so much of your crap.

Sure you’ve got some people bamboozled but there’s enough of us who get the gist of what’s going on.

I know there’s people who are naive enough to think Obama isn’t capable of what he’s been accused of. It may  be that they really don’t care  what he does or doesn’t do.

I bet there’s even some people who think all this is perfectly ok as long as the Trump presidency is destroyed;many of those  people are part of the media.There’s another person trying to destroy Trump and by extension our country,George Soros and his minions. It just so happens his cohorts include Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama(to name a few). The good news for the country is that the TRUTH finds a way.No thanks to you.





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