#FreeAssange #ArrestSoros #FireComey #PURGEtheHoldovers

why should Assange be pardoned? Why should Pres Trump secure his freedom? He’s the ONLY honest person in the room.

You think he’s a danger? I think the CIA-the Deep State-and  the FBI are the danger.They have no loyalty to the American people or our President.

Assange is not a puppet of anyone.Of course,the media is going to say he’s a puppet of  Russia.Everyone is a puppet of Russia if you’re in their way.

The CIA,FBI,LYNCH,OBAMA,MEDIA,CLINTON,COMEY et al are in bed with George SOROS and his son Alexander.The people who think Assange is the danger and these people are not connected to each other are kidding themselves.They’re not separate coincidences. It’s all tied together one way or the other.

The leakers trying to take down Pres Trump are the danger.The subversives left by the Obama administration are a real danger.The #RESIST movement is nothing but sedition and they are also a grave danger.Assange? Not so much.All he did was reveal a group of people who answer to no one,follow no laws,subvert our own Constitution.

He revealed how this group of people have the power to destroy our President and Republic.He’s evil? Excuse me.

Bill O’Reilly gives Lynch the benefit of the doubt by using the words ‘MAY HAVE’. I give her none.The evidence is right in front of our eyes.

They never planned on Donald Trump being President and they will stop at nothing until he’s destroyed.

Assange stands to gain nothing. These people are trying to cling to power.Some may be blackmailed but we have no way of knowing who’s a willing  participant and who’s under someone else’s thumb;we do know who intends to take down Trump and destroy our country. They’re obvious.

If you can convince me that Assange is the bad guy,go for it. What would he have to reveal if the CIA,FBI et all had not gone rogue.Our media is covering up for Obama and Soros.They’re in on it.They’re just as guilty.We can’t count on them.They colluded with the Clinton campaign.They let Obama and Hillary get away with murder.So who do we have to depend on to dig deep and tell us what’s going on but Assanage? If he’s trying to destroy the United States that’s another matter. As far as i can tell the greatest danger to our President and Republic[ and by extension the American people] is the sedition  of  the  Obama/Soros cabal  as head of the Resistance movement*.


If our President wants to survive he must purge all of Obama’s holdovers out. He must fire Comey at the FBI-they have to get their credibility back.There are good people in the FBI.The CIA is incompetent as Assange noted but there also needs to be some house cleaning . The rule that Obama put in place to sabatoge Trump[in his final days]must be rescinded.

Former President Barack Obama made a last-minute change to the way wiretapped intelligence is shared Jan. 12, which may have contributed to the proliferation of leaks plaguing the Trump administration.

Obama changed the way National Security Agency intelligence is shared 8 days before leaving office, which allows globally intercepted communications to be disseminated across the entire intelligence community.

Source: http://revolutionradio.org/?p=164792

Why is John Koskinen still at the IRS?

DRAIN THE SWAMP. The corruption runs deep.

Why would the CIA,DOJ,FBI,IRS [and for that matter the VA ]have any scruples when you had an administration in charge of  them that didn’t have a clue what ETHICS meant?

These people do not give a fat rats butt about our country and will stoop to any level they can get away with.They are adherents of  SAUL ALINSKY: The end justifies the means. There’s no way on earth they can take the moral high ground.

The Obama administration was lawless. They got away with whatever they could.Now they’re  way beyond that and into SEDITION,even TREASON.We may not want to believe it, but when it’s in your face, it’s not a conspiracy.Enough.End it.

*Soros is behind many seditious  groups and controls many candidates in our own government.Follow the money.


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