The American Health Care Act

1. scrap it

2. get Paul Ryan’s fingerprints off any new legislation.If not,it’s doomed from the start.the folks don’t trust him(neither do I).

3. tell the folks you heard them loud and clear. If it weren’t for Obamacare being passed in the first place(thank Pelosi’s ‘you have to  pass the bill to see what’s in it’ and Obama’s lies)we wouldn’t be in this mess.

4. guarantee illegal aliens won’t be covered & that there are no taxes included,hidden or otherwise.

5. get the insurance companies  out of the picture.Down the road keep the promise to permit the folks to buy insurance across state lines;meaning competition and lower prices.Put the subsequent phases IN WRITING.

6.DO NOT expand any entitlements. 

7.Keep it as simple as possible and have it introduced by Tom Price ONLY.




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