The Snow Leopard @alexa_wotus




psalm 48

love with mauve bkg


God ordained it,nature reveals it,science confirms it.The family is the cornerstone of civilization.When the foundation falls,nations fail.Immorality is the surest way to destroy any empire.We collapse from the inside.History proves this to be true.It was seldom an enemy from the outside that totally destroyed the empires.

Marriage is meant to last,to be faithful and cannot be redefined.Once you do,it has no meaning at all.There’s a reason my parents and their parents were married 60 plus years.

Their faith was at the center of their marriages.When trials and difficulties came up they had their shared faith to get them through.Their faith informed their decisions.They said forsaking all others and meant it.God gives grace. They said till death do us part.They would never lead each other away from God.They knew they were just passing through here.Some things work well in the wild.They are not meant to work for us.”Bob” and Marie weren’t perfect;but they gave us the best example they had. A strong and faithful marriage, Catholic tradition and big hearts.



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