Be A Vox! @alexa_wotus

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Things i’d like to say to you:

stay grounded…always end up going home to the folks more often than not.You’ll wish you could get that time back one day.

no alcohol,no drugs.if you’re affected by anything at all,you’re not being you.People who use escapes, end up acting irresponsibly and pay for it. Or the people around them do.It doesn’t end well.

A sexual relationship does not equal intimacy.Wait until marriage. Intimacy comes from having a real relationship first.If you’re in a physical relationship pull the sex out of it and watch how fast it burns out.Admit you made a mistake,move on,start over and wait for the person waiting for you.It could be a long wait so be prepared.On the other hand,this is the one that will be for a lifetime.The wait is nothing.

Find faith in God. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or feel embarrassed about.If people make you feel small because you have faith you’re with the wrong people and they’re going the wrong way-not you.

That’s it.Remember: be a voice,not an echo. 


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