They(the Russians)made me(Hillary)do it(lose)…aka the Russians hacked the election



Let’s suppose the Russians did get involved in the U.S.elections.Let’s also note that the media has said they hacked the election.They couldn’t have. The ballots are not connected to the internet. Ok,then you could say they didn’t actually ‘hack’ the election, but they did influence it. Let’s suppose they did.Now that’s possible.Did it change the outcome? Do you really think we voted for Trump because of the Russians? 


You could say it was all the negative coverage of Hillary, that came out of the leaks that caused her to lose. Yet,if you look at the election coverage, Donald Trump’s  media  coverage was far more negative than Hillary’s. I would make an exception for the coverage of her email scandal. According to the Hillary supporters the Russians  gave the info to wikileaks*.Let’s suppose the Russians did hand ‘wikileaks’ the info[although Julian Assange has insisted several times it was NOT the Russians].One problem: Hillary’s email scandal broke long before the leaks  even came out.When she was questioned she never denied anything;she simply ignored everything she was asked.Remember this one:

“You mean,like with a cloth?”

Let’s not forget how the Democrat party rigged their primary so Hillary would win. If anyone had an unfair advantage it was Hillary.She took for granted she was going to win the general election too.The media  took for granted she was going to win. They thought they had it in the bag for her.They did everything they could possibly do to make sure she would  win the election. They kind of left the voters out of the equation. They were shocked to find out-in spite of all their best efforts-that the people who attended the Trump rallies were actually going to turn out to vote.Now they can’t accept it and are doing everything they can to either delegitimize or destroy a legitimately elected President.

This is NOT the peaceful transfer of power.This is what banana republics do.They know it was not the Russians that won the election for Trump.They can’t be that stupid.They’re counting on the angry Hillary supporters to buy their false narrative and raise hell.They have to have a false narrative to justify the hell they’re raising. The media are more than willing to give it to them. You have Soros,Obama and Clinton behind the scenes pulling the strings.Just like they did during the election.It’s why they were shocked when Trump won.They really believed they had it wrapped up.When all the other nonsense failed they had to come up with something.

*I surmise it was probably an inside job;Assange won’t reveal his sources but he says it was not the Russians. I tend to believe him.He has nothing to gain either way.


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