Alleluia is our song @alexa_wotus




easter people


of all the things i have every reason to be grateful for,the one i have to give the MOST thanks for is that my son raised 2 great kids and became a terrific husband.i couldn’t ask for more.Don’t think for a minute that i had any hand in it.He managed to come out as he did in spite of me,not because of me.His daughter has such an infectious smile and personality.She is so outgoing and tenacious.She seems to be the kind of person who sets her mind to do what she passionately loves and pushes herself to do her best in whatever that endeavor is.I just hope she stays away from drugs,alcohol and poor influences. I worry that a person with a heart as big as hers is apt to be naive as well.

I’ll be honest.It is fine that they don’t speak to me. One of the lessons of life i’ve learned after all these years is that you sometimes have to resign yourself to circumstances you have no control over. In fact,it is probably better we don’t.We kid ourselves if we think we do.Here’s a shocker;it is not always good if we do. What we want and what God wants for us might be 2 different things.I do not have all the answers.I have a lot of unanswered questions that will be answered one day. I do know my way  was a disaster.Best advice i ever got was from Mother Angelica of EWTN.Live in the present moment.We don’t have to have all the answers.I’m just grateful for all the good things that came their way and for all the good things I have been given.I’m no spring chick anymore. Boy does your perspective change on the way out.This is the age where you start tying a ribbon on it.Anyway,I’ve really enjoyed finding these fantastic pictures and getting a small(albeit minute)glance into her life.Good enough!

They’re in my thoughts,prayers and heart. Content.


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