#Simplegate what we know about Comey EDITED

We’re going to keep it simple and spell out what we know.

Hillary Clinton was running for President while she was under investigation by the FBI.

We knew she had a private server.We knew there were thousands of deleted emails-later we found out that her hard drive was scrubbed with software called Bleach Bit.

We learned that some of the email contents were classified. We also learned that the server was especially vulnerable to hacking.

We learned that John Podesta lost his cell phone getting out of a cab and that he used a very weak password.
We know that then Attorney General Loretta Lynch deferred the responsibility of determining if candidate Hillary Clinton had violated any laws to the FBI.Unusual because it is normally the DOJ that makes such a decision. In this case it was the FBI;of course,unusual doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not acceptable.

We found out that Loretta Lynch bumped into ex President Bill Clinton in Arizona and that they had a private conversation on board her plane.No one was present other than Clinton and Lynch.

There is no way to know what they discussed but they did say it was grandchildren and golf.All we can do is take their word for it. Perhaps,Lynch should have recused herself after the meeting with Bill Clinton got reported in the press.

In the end Comey spelled out everything that Hillary had done but concluded she was only extremely careless. He noted that he believed she had done nothing unlawful ;therefore he could not recommend charges.She continued to campaign.

According to the media the polls showed no path for candidate Donald Trump to win the election.I am going to posit that Hillary Clinton and the media both thought her election was a sure thing and were not very concerned.I’m also going to posit that because the media would not(or rarely)show the crowd size for Donald Trump (and in some instances even took fake shots) people got the impression he had no real support in the electorate.The polls continued to show Clinton with a strong lead. Again,i posit that this may have given the Clinton campaign and the media the impression she had a sure win.

I will also posit that maybe the media  had a good idea of what was really going on & thought that keeping it under wraps would aide Clinton. I believe that the Clinton campaign had a false sense of security-that they really believed there was no way on earth Trump could win.It’s also possible that the Clinton campaign had some idea but  her supporters bought the media narrative & they (not Clinton)were convinced she had it in the bag. How many times did Barack Obama and some in the media state that Trump would never be President?

What we didn’t know, at the time, is that the FBI -according to Comey at least-was investigating actors in the Trump campaign.We were informed during the Comey/Rogers hearing. 

The ONLY reason we got wind of this investigation is  because the conversation of Flynn was leaked to the press. Comey was forced to discuss the matter before Congress. Make of that what you will. What we know after Comey’s testimony is that the leaked Flynn conversation came out of an FBI investigation of the Trump campaign.Again,make of that what you will.My take is that Comey was covering his butt;worse, that he was-and IS-covering up for the leakers.

I concluded that  Comey’s assessment of  Putin’s motive is bunk.He said that Putin  tried to influence the election because he[ Putin ]”hated Clinton”. I personally think even Comey believed Hillary would win. Further,since he figured Clinton would win, he also figured the matter would be put to rest.Another words no one would find out they put the Trump campaign under surveillance;and even if they found out it wouldn’t  matter because Clinton  would BE President. They didn’t see the Trump win (landslide)coming until the very night of the election.

Now that’s my conclusion. You don’t have to arrive at the same conclusion.Take it or leave it.Everything else stated here is FACT.

We know that the investigation found no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government;Comey stated this in his testimony.We have heard the same testimony from other officials who were privy to classified info from the investigation. We know that the media and some in the Democrat party were pushing the narrative of  collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.Now they have switched the narrative to, the Trump campaign is ‘under investigation’ for possible collusion with the Russian government. 
It doesn’t add up.He’s contradicting himself. Comey can’t say they found no evidence of collusion in the investigation and in the same breathe say that they are currently investigating the campaign for possible  collusion.

Comey knows that leaking classified info is a felony and a threat to national security.He stated the same in his testimony to Trey Gowdy.*

I am convinced the reason Comey isn’t investigating the leaks is because he’s covering up for the leaks. My guess(an educated guess)is that he KNOWS who the leakers are. I’m also convinced  he approved of both the surveillance and the leaks.There’s no way on earth a director of the FBI let’s a felony get a pass especially when it threatens our national security.He can’t claim ignorance.He said in sworn testimony he understands leaks of classified information is a felony. He also admitted there are no ongoing investigation of the leaks.He didn’t seem to be too concerned with the problem,even as he acknowledged the gravity of the matter.

Give this radio interview a listen.It’s important enough to consider. Source: General Tom McInerney – Sunday, March 19, 2017 – Dr. Dave Janda

POST SCRIPT:i forgot to mention an important factor re the sharing of information that Obama put in place as reported by the NY Times.It’s important.Consider the implications as it relates to leaks.

In its final days, the Obama administration has expanded the power of the National Security Agency to share globally intercepted personal communications with the government’s 16 other intelligence agencies before applying privacy protections.

Source: Intercepted Communications;the NY TIMES

*Note that Congress called up Comey to testify knowing that he couldn’t possibly divulge IN PUBLIC the information they would be asking for.I question why they had to have a public hearing knowing that was the case? The most they could do was jump in with their own conjectures. It made no sense.You don’t have a hearing when you know people can’t answer questions. 

I am convinced one of the reasons the Hillary supporters are so outraged is because they were given a false sense that she  had a sure win.They are  outraged because they don’t want to accept Trump won/Hillary lost under ANY circumstances.


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