The first days of MAGA Part I

Here’s where we stand:
the Democrats,liberals,progressive,marxists are still trying to say Putin affected the outcome of our election.Yes,the left has gone totally mad in trying to convince us that Pres. Trump is not really our President;were it not for Russia then Hillary would have been elected. They can’t be that stupid. They have to know the narrative  is false but that’s not stopping them.

The  antifa should be designated as a terrorist organization. The Resistance is simply asinine. The antifa goes too far.


Soros,Obama and Clinton are behind both of these groups.

I’m not sure which one is THE most dangerous. I’d almost have to vote for Soros;but none of them have the best interest of our country at heart.

They are colluding with the media. I have news for them.Trump is not going to resign and the chances of him being impeached are none to nil. Take a civics 101 class people.

The ACHA did not get passed.The bill lacked a handful of votes-200 voted YES.A lot of people are blaming Speaker Ryan.I’m no Ryan fan but i have to say he worked his butt off to help the President with this one.A lot of people in the Trump administration-including Pres  Trump-knocked themselves silly to get the votes.Speaker Ryan tried to get them the votes. The Freedom Caucus stabbed the President in the back.

Did it damage the President? Yes.

Did it damage the President irreparably? Nope.

Give credit where credit is due: Judge Ted Poe did his best.


Everyone is saying just repeal Obamacare. I support this 100% but you’re also talking about a 2k page LEGAL monstrosity that required more than a magic wand to dismantle.The ACHA was a good first step. I’m sure Pres Trump will come back to it in good time.He pulled the deal when  it needed to be pulled.You dust yourself off and move on.

Jeff Sessions came out today and put the hammer down on sanctuary cities. Now the resistance is having a real conniption fit.


They run the same narrative by you over and over.We’re opposed to immigrants coming to our country or the other one;our parents were immigrants. Someone pls explain to them, for the 100th time, these are NOT immigrants. They’re ILLEGAL(as in,against the law)ALIENS who break the law when they come in here or when they overstay their visas.The United States is STILL a sovereign nation with borders [the last i knew].

IF they really want to spruce up the narrative they refer to Pres Trump and his supporters as racist.Again,someone pls explain to them for the 100th time,ILLEGAL is not a race nor is  country of origin.

You guys watch the Press briefings with Sean Spicer?One of the ‘reporters’ ( using the term loosely)actually asked the Press Secretary about Pres Trump calling Chuck Schumer a clown.

    1.  Schumer IS a clown
    2. what did the media have to say when they-the media- were calling Donald Trump a clown?


I even heard a reporter ask Spicer if the President would consider asking Hillary Clinton for advice.


The First Days of MAGA,Part II coming soon(very soon).


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