Let us #Resist #MAGA

Pres Trump never got the  so called honeymoon period past  Presidents have gotten.Before he took office the left was trying to paint him as a racist,facist, sexist and illegitimate President.They keep pushing the narrative that it was Russian interference that won the election for him.Of course,that disregards all the people who voted for him.Thank you people.We’re nobody.They called him Hitler,clown,liar and puppet.

He tweeted Chuck Schumer is a clown!

Can someone explain to Schumer what the difference is between an ILLEGAL alien and LEGAL immigrant?

They should be honest.Before he was even certified by the electoral college they were trying all kinds of garbage;right up to the day he was certified. When all that failed THEN they went into their other attacks,including riots.

All we’ve seen is marches,protests,riots,violence.All we’ve seen is  a hostile press that gets away with murder but tries to nail him for every little thing and anything they think they can dig up.

They were not like this when Obama was President and Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.

The Democrats have blocked his cabinet nominations holding them up when it’s not necessary.He STILL does not have all his cabinet members in place.He even keeps reaching out to the other side.When is he going to accept that they’re not interested?They have one goal.Destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.He has one goal. Make America Great Again.

Remember these are the same people who cheated Bernie Sanders and rigged the system against him;just to be sure Hillary got the nomination.


What is better for our country than killing jobs,ignoring our laws,opening our borders to anyone and everyone.What is better for our country than destroying our energy sector then complaining we’re too involved in the Middle East. How about disarming the public & simultaneously denigrating our law enforcement.Imagine how well that works  the safety and security of our communities.

The Women’s March protested Trump shortly after his inauguration.They wore pink hats,vaginas and ranted about blowing up the White House and being nasty(a throw back to Hillary).All Pres. Trump did for women’s issues was participate in a roundtable
 With Women Small Business Owners. He also signed 2 bills benefiting women in the fields of science and business.

Signed on February 28, 2017




You decide which actions did more to benefit women’s issues.Sexist Trump signing legislation to empower women or a March in DC with pink attire [to basically protest Trump’s election.]

High ranking women in the Trump administration:

Elaine L. Chao


“Betsy” DeVos and Nikki Haley


Linda E. McMahonPresident-Donald-Trump-The-first-100-days-in-photos_7_1

Seema Verma

“KT” McFarland




These Democrats really have a lot to offer. Lawlessness,demagoguery, Americans LAST  and the slogan Love Trumps Hate.Let’s have a look at that:


Yep,Love Trumps Hate.

This is what the Democrats have to offer.More to come too.Stay tuned.Think I’ll stick with Trump.

Donald Trump Participates In Roundtable With Women Small Business Owners http://www.zimbio.com/photos/Ivanka+Trump/Donald+Trump+Participates+Roundtable+Women/a-VNff9Eq6a


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