@oreillyfactor Open Letter To Bill.Why Trump is hated

Why is President Trump hated?

Simple.He’s a racist,sexist,facist,xenophobic male.Given all that why would anyone not hate him?

Now for the REAL reason.

Donald Trump is hated  because Hillary did not become President even when the election was rigged to have her win. 

You have to remember, the media supported Obama and was campaigning for Hillary.They did not take the loss very well.In fact,they didn’t expect it.They believed she had it in the  bag.

You combine the Soros machine,The Obama Shadow government,the media and the Democrats  trying to destroy his presidency  and he’s going to have an uphill battle all the way. He will never get credit for any good he does-and they will spend day and night trying to find some way to impeach him. Let’s  put it this way: the more damage they can do, the better. It’s not difficult with the media being a main player.

The only advantage Trump has is social media and his rallies.He will not get his message [or news of his accomplishments] out to the public any other way.The down side is that not all the folks use social media. Many of them still count on cable news for information and the networks know it. The  upside is Trump and his supporters are pretty savvy when it  comes to social media.We just have to work harder at getting the information disseminated.
Unfortunately,Soros,Obama,Hillary,the media and Democrat party have the buck and wield a lot of power.We support our President but it’s
 a very tall order to beat back that group of people.It’s a leviathan.Their tentacles are everywhere.



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