Time Flies @alexa_wotus

on the beach




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alexa in childhood.png





One day i was 20.The next, i was 60.

One day mom and dad were so young.The next..they were gone.One could never imagine them being old. One could never imagine our being their age.We could never picture them not being in our lives.

One day you had a Christmas portrait done by Olan Mills studio and wore a red dress. The next, you wore a red (maroon)graduation cap and gown.

One day you and Matthew were playing in the sand at a beach.The next, you were in your prom gown on the beach.You look at the pictures and think how little you’ve changed and how much you’ve changed.

One day your dad was bouncing on the horse grandpa Bob and i assembled in the basement. The next ,your dad was waiting for you to graduate from college and maybe one day 


Sorry,took some leeway here. Loved these Juliette wedding gowns (1968).I have never found the original with the Juliette veil and can’t recall the magazine it came from.I keep thinking the designer was Alfred D’Angelo but that’s probably wrong.They were so romantic,simple and modest.





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