What DOES the left stand for?(opinion) #Resistance

Before we get into the weeds about the left and the Resistance movement(one and the same basically)we have to spend  a  min or 2 discussing Donald Trump.He IS the target of the resistance.

  1.  Trump is the legitimately elected Pres of the United States.You may not like it-you don’t have to-but that’s a fact.
  2. Trump is not interested in your philosophical arguments. The conservatives thought he was too liberal.The liberals thought he was too conservative.Some people accused him of being a Democrat in Republican clothing.The truth is, as a businessman, Trump donated to both Republicans and Democrats.His bottom line was his bottom line.He  wrote the best selling business book,the Art of the Deal.Donald Trump was interested in being successful.I’m not saying he doesn’t have any principles.Of course he does.I’m only saying you probably shouldn’t pigeon hole him as an ideological purist for the left or right.
  3. He’s going to look at issues this way;what works,what doesn’t.What is beneficial to America,what isn’t. One thing you can say about him and not doubt for an instant-he loves our country.
  4. He’s old school when it comes to politics.There was a time when politicians disagreed but there wasn’t the rancor you see today.They could actually sit down to a dinner together and be congenial.I think we got more done in those days too.
  5. He does not always speak “presidentially” (whatever that means).He does not come from that world.It’s not going to happen.You gave a guy a handshake back  in the day and that was as good as your word.

Ok,that’s Trump.Now what about the left aka the resistance movement?My first question would be, what are they resisting?

Jobs,manufacturing,energy independence,lower energy costs,higher wages,sovereign borders,lower [simplified] taxes,less burdensome regulations, government hands off in education,affordable insurance.Safety,security,prosperity in our communities? What the heck? Enlighten me pls.

So the next question would have to be,what do they stand for?
The first thought that might come to mind would be illegals. Now why would a Democrat support the illegals? It’s a demographic.The Democrat party was constructing a path, to get the demographic most associated with illegals, years ago.They realized if they could get that part of the population they would be assured of victory at the ballot box for years.They support the illegals because in their mind it means votes. Look at some of the major cities Democrat mayors run.Two things to note:

1.they’re hell holes

2. they’ve been Democrat for years.

They stand for illegals because they think it means votes.It can’t be true because Trump defied this conventional wisdom and supported enforcing our immigration laws and protecting our border.

What else does the left stand for? The working folks and the poor. I was a Democrat in a family that was dyed in the wool Democrat for ages. I get that. The problem is they’ve given the poor nothing but hand out programs at the expense of the working middle class ,for years. The poor are STILL poor and the middle class is vanishing.

Trump knows himself that a rising tide lifts all boats.

A concept lost on the left.

If you want to know what someone really stands for,look at what they would fight tooth and nail for.

The one thing the left and Democrats would fight tooth and nail for is,ABORTION.Yep,you heard me right.ABORTION.Whatever else you may think they stand for and what they may say they stand for,the one thing they defend fiercely is abortion and Donald Trump made it clear that he’s pro life.

He wasn’t always and it took a personal experience,not a philosophical argument, to persuade him to change.

Look at what the left will throw at someone they believe is pro life.

If you’re a Republican and staunchly defend abortion i bet you dimes to dollars you are  not going to take the beating you would take if you were a pro life Republican. God forbid you’re a pro life Democrat.You’re not going to have a voice in the Democrat party.

An issue that is 2nd in line to abortion is same sex marriage.Trump is neutral.I don’t think he cares one way or the other what a person does in their private life. It’s not where i stand as a Catholic.I do have faith in President Trump that he will protect our rights as Christians.I think at this point it’s all we can hope for. I am being pragmatic here. I KNOW the left has no respect for freedom of conscience when it comes to Christians.I know the majority-not saying all-of the left doesn’t have the time of day for Catholics in particular and Christians in general.

Anyone notice that much of what they stand for is what is considered IMMORAL?

It’s a little hard not to notice.

Other than that,i don’t get what they think they’re resisting?  President Trump really does love our country and its people.He’s given up a pretty comfortable life where he could have retired and lived very well for the remainder of his life without all the crap he’s had to take.NO,he’s not going to resign.He didn’t go through all this, use his own money to campaign and fight like hell, just to resign.He’s used to the ups and downs,failures and successes of the business world-and he came out on top.His resignation is just not in the cards.

*Soros is behind these groups;he has his own agenda. I’m not going to digress and discuss Soros now.We can take up Mr Anti America(Nazi collaborator)  another day. Count on it.

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