Louisiana Mother And Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Are Killed In Tornado | WWNO

Authorities say shortly after a warning was issued Sunday morning, a tornado touched down in Breaux Bridge, La., flipping a mobile home and killing a mother and her 3 yr old daughter.

Source: Louisiana Mother And Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Are Killed In Tornado | WWNO


I felt so badly for this mother and child. Heartbreaking.Prayers and condolences for the family.

That could be anyone-including you.

When  a watch goes up in your area,take heed. Sometimes they predict worse than we get,but i rather they were wrong.When they’re right and we blow it off,it can be deadly.

You can go to WEATHER.COM and look up your local report.

You can also go to the Storm Prediction Center and get detailed analysis of upcoming weather for the United States.It’s  darned accurate.

Have a plan. Stay on top of the weather reports for your area.I look every day. The few seconds it takes is worth it. I even check out the storm prediction center if i think there’s something brewing out there.

Once you have a plan,be ready.If you live in a mobile home(trailer or modular)remember 2 words.GET OUT!

Allow yourself enough time to seek shelter elsewhere and make sure you have that place in mind ahead of time.

It may be a little too late when the warning is up.

Get a weather radio and/or sign up for weather alerts.My thinking is, that if you live in a mobile home,get out to your designated safe place long before the warning comes up.If there’s a watch,there’s a good chance it will go into a warning. It’s better to leave during the watch than to wait till the few minutes,if not seconds, you may have in a warning.

If you’re fortunate enough to have a home-head  for the basement or lowest floor of your home-the room with the most interior walls. A bathroom is safer,depending on where it is located.

Do not  be driving around during a tornado warning. A car is not a safe place to be either.This is why i say,roll out during the watch. If you’re keeping an eye on the weather-they have radar- you will probably be able to get a clue approximately when a system is going to hit your area.

Have flashlight,cell phone and battery operated radio handy. I always hear the weather anchor say “don’t drown,turn around” during a flood warning.I always end up watching the reports of that one person who thought they’d be the exception and make it through. Doesn’t happen.You are not the exception. A flood will do the same thing to you as it will to anyone else.Then the emergency workers have to risk THEIR lives to save you. 

To sum up: pray for these folks.  Take weather seriously;it’s powerful.Keep an eye on reports,have a plan,be prepared and heed all watches and warnings.

Remember;a  WATCH means you’re  watching

A WARNING means already there,you are being warned.The tornado is heading your way and the sirens are blaring.

Please,i beg you,Do NOT stay in a mobile home if you know a tornado outbreak is imminent. Go to the nearest shelter or a pre-ordained safe place.A mobile home  cannot withstand the winds or debris of a tornado. It’s like a match box car being tossed across your living room.


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