#Gutfeld Did Susan Rice Break the Law? #SusanRiceUnmasked


1. Wasn’t Hillary Clinton under investigation long before Wikileaks released their information?
2. What is the proof of Trump colluding with Russians? They didn’t expect him to win the election.OK.Wikileaks got hold of her emails.She had the server set up and wrote them.Whose fault was that? It’s ok to break the law as long as you don’t get caught? Is that how it is? She got off without any charges while running for POTUS.She should be thankful.Did Putin force Loretta Lynch to meet up with Bill Clinton and cast a shadow over her own campaign? I don’t think so.I would say that’s why Comey came out when he did and made the statement he was forced to make.Nobody was supposed to catch Lynch and Bill..and nobody was stupid enough to buy their conversation about golfing and grandkids.Comey had no choice but to try & get ahead of the damage.The secret meeting did not pass the smell test-so he called the briefing and made his statement.In the end he exonerated Hillary so the DOJ wouldn’t have to touch it.Talk about crafty.
3. How did Putin swing the election to Trump? We voted for Trump in Pa. Putin had nothing to do with it.We didn’t cast our ballot for Hillary and have it switch to Trump.We walked in the polling station and DELIBERATELY voted for Trump.We determined he was the person we wanted for President.


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