Syrian Air Strikes,Gorsuch confirmed,Trump meets with world leaders.Busy week.PLS TWEET.I’m still locked out! #supportingPresident

the last world  leader Trump met with this past week was the Chinese President, Xi Jinping. Notable but not as notable as other very recent state visits.

Consider in a very short period the President met with King Abdullah of Jordan,  President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi of Egypt and Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who is also defense minister and King Salman’s son.Coincidence? 

It was during the state visit of the Chinese President that President Trump gave the order to launch a VERY limited but effective strategic air launch on a Syrian air base  used to deploy chemical weapons-allegedly sarin gas.

Syria is a hot mess  destabilizing the whole region. It doesn’t need help.The Middle East has been a mess ever since i can remember.Assad is supposedly attacking ISIS.i haven’t seen any credible evidence that supports the narrative.So you’ve got Assad, Russia,ISIS and some unknown group that is known as the Syrian rebels in Syria[.I have never been able to figure out exactly who these people are.]As long as Syria is embroiled in a civil war,ISIS is operating there with impunity. A good place for their capital,Raqqa.

On the domestic political side you have SOME in Trump’s base heading for the hills.I understand their pov and respect it.On the other hand I can’t recall Pres Trump making a campaign promise he would NEVER take military action.Such a promise would simply be unrealistic.Once you make such a promise you can never lift a finger.Who in their right mind would do that?Yes,i hear his base asking the legitimate question;what about America First. I’m not sure why people think he’s abandoned the principle.

Obama had a  total reluctance to ever use military force except for his ONE  terrible decision to remove Muammar al-Qaddafi from power in Libya.So our reluctant (bumbling)President invaded Libya. DISASTER. Qaddafi was brutally murdered.It was not a sign of good things to come.Mind you,the man was no saint and we had our share of problems with him,but he had already gotten the message once and laid low for years. 

Trump did not invade Syria. Trump did not target Assad.Trump is not intervening in Syria or doing nation building.It was a VERY limited strategic air strike intended to send a message,not just to Assad but to ANY bad actor that might threaten our national security.Who could that be?
Try Iran who  agreed to curb their nuclear program but STILL chant death to America and Israel.I’m sure they’re keeping their word.They would never lie.

Try N.Korea who get their orders from China.I’m SURE China got the message as much as Kim Jung Un did.They have been on the path to nuclear for years.

The best scenario  for us would be a stable Syria;that in turn would help in the destruction of ISIS and other terrorist groups. The best scenario for us would be N Korea playing nice in the neighborhood.The next best decision of Pres Trump would be tossing the terrible Iran deal in the garbage, where it belongs.

The meeting of Trump with all 3 Middle East leaders was a clear signal .Their visits were not a coincidence. Shortly after all 3 visits, the air strike was launched.

In the meantime ,while we were all distracted, Gorsuch was confirmed as an assistant justice to the Supreme Court.Monumental.A promise kept.It’s too significant to be overlooked.

I hear press rumblings of a shake up in the White House. I’m not sure i trust the press rumblings.They like a sexy story.We have no real(or reliable)journalism anymore. They’re gossip columns.All i know is,it better be just the press being the press.IF Pres Trump does take Kushner over Bannon,  he’s making a HUGE mistake.

I hear Congress went home for one of their breaks.You have to be kidding me.

I have a few words to say about the Democrats, in the next blog entry,especially in regards to their temper tantrum over Gorsuch.







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