Gorsuch confirmed in spite of the Democrat Temper Tantrum

President Reagan nominated Robert Bork for Associate Justice of the Supreme Court on July 1, 1987 to replace Lewis Powell.A highly qualified candidate he was demonized and savaged,particularly by Senator Ted Kennedy. In the end he did not survive the process and the term “BORKED” was coined.The Democrats often called for their members to ‘bork’ a nominee after that.It was their signal to make sure a nominee didn’t get confirmed.

On July 1, 1991,Clarence Thomas was nominated by George H.W.Bush (aka Bush I)to fill  Thurgood Marshall’s seat on the US Supreme Court.A strict constitutionalist,like Bork, he was also savaged by the left.In fact he was savaged worse than Robert Bork.The hearings against him were televised, he was falsely accused of sexual harassment*-they even went as far as rummaging through the garbage on his property to literally dig up dirt on him.Andrew Breitbart cites the Thomas hearings as the catalyst to his epiphany about liberalism. Breitbart became a conservative; probably closer to a libertarian. He mentions the Thomas hearings and his conversion in the book Righteous Indignation( a must read btw).I remember the hearings.Thomas was treated like garbage.

After the televised lynching of Thomas  he was confirmed but it was not the joyous occasion for celebration it ought to have been.It almost ruined his life and certainly damaged the man’s good name. The left does not care if they totally destroy a person’s life, if they can get away with it. They’ll settle for demonizing a good person’s reputation beyond repair.

The Smithsonian museum DELIBERATELY left Justice Thomas out of its exhibition in the National Museum of African American History. 

The Washington Times  noted:

Of the 112 justices appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court since its inception, only two have been black — and the second one apparently isn’t worth consideration, as far as the new National Museum of African American History and Culture is concerned.

The Smithsonian museum still has “no plans” to include in its exhibitions a reference to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, one of the high court’s conservative stalwarts who celebrates his 25th anniversary on the bench this year.

From his dirt-poor beginnings in Pin Point, Georgia, where the family home had no indoor plumbing, to his Catholic school education, Yale law degree and federal judgeship, Justice Thomas’ life embodies history as it spans the Jim Crow era, the civil rights movement, affirmative action and “post-racial” modern times signaled by the election of President Obama.

But liberal critics have long dismissed the black conservative jurist’s achievements, questioned his “authenticity” and denied his influence on the court.

Source: washingtontimes.com

With the death of Justice Antonin Scalia,Barack Obama eventually nominated Merrick Garland to fill the vacancy.The Republican controlled Senate decided to block his nomination,though they gave Pres Obama BOTH of his previous nominations the green light.You could say Garland was ‘borked’.The Democrats don’t like it  when the shoe is on the other foot.

The Democrats-led by Sen Chuck Schumer-had a huge temper tantrum when Pres Trump nominated Neil Gorsuch.

The Senate confirmed Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court filling the critical ninth seat that had been vacant since the death of Scalia with a 54-45 vote including 3 crossover votes from the Democrat party.

I’d like to remind the Democrats of their habit of ‘borking’ nominees and their past history of demonizing  good people. When you falsely accuse a man of sexual harassment and drag his good name through the mud you really have no business pitching a fit over the Gorsuch nomination or  the failure to get Garland. Sorry,but the Democrats get their way more often than not.The Republicans are usually too timid to stand up to anyone.They’re more concerned about how they will look in the media.Thank God they finally got some chutzpah.

We can also thank Sen Harry Reid,for the ‘Reid Rule’, a parliamentary procedure  used to break a filibuster.We knew the Democrats were going to use the filibuster to stop the Gorsuch nomination and we also knew the Republicans were going to resort to the Reid Rule to get a straight up and down vote.They warned Reid not to do it,knowing that eventually it could bite them in the butt.The Democrats, feeling pretty assured of continuing their majority rule,went for the procedure anyway. Well, it bit them in the butt.

* I won’t mention by name the accuser the left drummed up against Thomas. She vanished back into the woodwork after the damage was done.I have good reason to believe he was falsely accused and the circumstances would bear that out. I’m just not going there.




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