Good Friday @alexa_wotus

love that smile


Love is not Love. Sacrifice is Love.Without sacrifice it’s nothing more than mutual self gratification.We’re male and female for a reason.It’s complementary or put another way the 2 become one.It’s just not possible any other way. The acceptance of this truth is not homophobic. When you don’t accept the truth,you deceive yourself,even when it’s accepted by a majority. It’s an intellectual darkness and it’s hard to overcome. A person with same sex attraction is not to be hated but encouraged to find disinterested friendships.Unfortunately most choose a life of searching for something that can never be satisfied. The lifestyle that accompanies it,tends to be both depraved & promiscuous. Few are faithful,even in so called “marriage.” Only God’s forgiveness and grace can help us-whatever our downfall is-overcome anything we struggle with.
Remember Good Friday comes before Easter. We die to self before we rise.




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