Open Letter to @seanhannity re Berkeley chaos and Tax Day “protests”

I never miss Hannity at 10 and i do mean never. It’s a shame we get 5 min of coverage and 15 of commercials but that’s the way cable news goes.

Tonight Mr Hannity had Lou Dobbs on for a discussion about the tax day protests and other anti Trump gatherings. Unfortunately i think they both missed the boat on this topic;rare but it can happen.

So i wanted to write Sean and ask him to get a closer look at everything that  transpired,especially in Berkeley.

People are free to oppose Pres Trump. People are free to criticize our President. We are blessed to have freedom of speech,press and assembly. I know you get that Sean. 

Hopefully we all get that. 

What we are witnessing with Antifa and other liberal groups(but especially Antifa)is not freedom.It’s anarchy,violence to achieve an end and an attack on American citizens who also have the right to assemble. The Berkeley police were given an order to stand down.Chaos ensued.People  were injured. Someday someone is going to get killed during one of these SOROS funded anti American riots.The Berkeley police dept & their mayor, Jesse Arreguin,ought be held accountable.

It’s pure foolishness demanding  Trump release his tax returns. They really don’t care about his tax returns;if he released them tomorrow they would move on to the next attack. They are allowed to be foolish but they have no right to break the law.NONE.

You can justify civil disobedience;you can’t justify the tactics they use.

They better get the message.Trump won the election and it’s over. He didn’t give up a comfortable life only to turn around and resign.Pres Trump has been in tough situations his whole life;resignation is not in his DNA.It’s not going to happen. He’s not going to be impeached; i think they failed civics 101 if they really believe that’s going to happen.Soros is misleading them,although they seem to be happy to be his useful idiots. Let’s not overlook his son Alexander either.He’s as much behind these domestic terrorists as his father George Soros is.

I understand that our President believes he should just ignore the anti Trump crowd. In most instances he’s right-but not with these people, especially when the media is corrupt and even some in our government are corrupt. They will try to make the next 4 yrs hell and they’re off to a  good start.I know Pres Trump will push on with his agenda-he’s bound and determined to make America great again. It’s not just a slogan to him.However,that 4 yr of hell from these people will keep chipping away at his successes and tear the country further apart. I know that eventually someone will get killed. You do remember the Weather Underground. These people are the weather underground of 2017.There are just too many forces out there allied against him and us. He has to get a handle on some of it-at least the forces that pose a clear and present danger to our republic.

You & Mr Dobbs kind of laughed it off. I felt you 2 were taking the problem  lightly.

Please give the issue a 2nd look and shine a light on these cockroaches.PLS question the actions-that is,NON action- of the Berkeley police. Expose the craziness of the left and even some anti Trumpers on the right.They’re not dangerous but they’re helping out the other side.

I do hope the DOJ and FBI will take Antifa very seriously and designate them as a DOMESTIC TERRORIST group. I do hope George Soros  will get his due soon and be arrested,deported,extradited to another country-SOMETHING!

Antifa are the facists they claim the Trump supporters are.

POST SCRIPT: I’m not criticizing our Pres. He gets enough flack and so much of it is undeserved.I voted for him to support him;not aide and abet the enemy.



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