BUILD THE WALL Flash Mob at White House @POTUS how bout the capitol bldg too ?They’re the problem!


Laura Ingraham would not lie or spread fake news.She got word from someone inside a meeting that saw this first hand.She reported it on Sean Hannity 4/25/2016.

The wall is never going to be built because they will never give Trump the funds.

They have no intentions of doing anything but screwing him over.

It may not be the rank and file as much as the GOP leadership.Of course that would include SNAKE Paul Ryan.

I know our POTUS is trying to get along with people,work with them and turn down the  volume on some of the animosity but these people ARE the swamp and he needs to stand up to them.We need to help him drain them out.

For those that can’t make the flash mob that day, support the ones who can, by trending #BUILDTHEWALL #SUPPORTOURPOTUS on Twitter



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