Warmth in that smile @alexa_wotus



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can’t say as i know her very well(if at all) but that smile tells me all i need to know.


 I was reading about Erin Moran in a statement from her husband. It was very moving. Unfortunately,her story is the story of many cancer patients where they find out too late.A timely diagnosis can be critical.Fortunately she didn’t suffer long and died peacefully at home in the presence of a loving husband. Both my parents died peacefully at home;Dad of the complications of Parkinson’s,Mom from the complications of Cancer.

Grandma Marie believed her cancer was in recession.We ALL believed her cancer was in recession. They were watching her;there was no reason to believe otherwise.They often tested her. She called me one morning to tell me she had been ill during the night with nausea & vomiting.Cancer didn’t cross our minds but i was concerned she would dehydrate and advised her to go to the ER.She did. Here she had been getting ill since Sept but told no one(that i know of).This is when they discovered the cancer.She had plans to see her grandchildren during the spring/summer and  was so looking forward to it.We did get her to agree to take a  friend.We were not about to stop her though we thought it might be a difficult trip. I am convinced it’s what kept her alive and on her feet.However,she never made the trip.Marie(mom) passed away on June 23rd. I am also convinced that letting her be treated locally was a huge mistake. We should have talked her into going to a Cancer Treatment Center.They have one in Philadelphia.

I am upset to think she didn’t get the best of care here.Sorry,but i don’t. They should have discovered her cancer returned too.

I am thankful that her last thoughts were about visiting her grandkids and that she didn’t suffer greatly.


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