The reason Pres Trump pulled the funding for the border wall was because the bill would not get passed and the government would get shut down.Truth: the Dems were going to throw a monkey wrench in it anyway so the funding may as well be in there.WORD: don’t give these people an inch. They only want compromise when the other party is in power.They’re not going to help the President do anything,except Maxine Waters and her crazy talk about impeachment. Believe me,the rest of them are just waiting to  pounce too.You did your part Mr President.You tried reaching across the aisle. It’s on them.

We made a deal. We counted on this. Some of the Republicans oppose it but that’s because they’re not very creative people to begin with.They can’t think outside their own self  interested blocks. We owe them nothing.

Not the Democrats,not the Republicans.

We voted for Trump.We voted for the Wall. We voted to bring sanity back to our country.You see we support building the wall for practical reasons and those can be justified;but it goes deeper than that.

It means a lot to us,including pride in our country and a stand for something the folks in the belt way just don’t get.

It’s not just a matter of protecting the border [as important as that is].It’s a matter of being part of something we will all accomplish together and now it’s a matter of principle.

Looks like  Antifa got discouraged out in Berkeley today.They’ll be back. This is a DOMESTIC TERRORIST ORGANIZATION and the longer they get away with their activities the more dangerous they become.They may be stupid but stupid people can be incredibly dangerous.Time to take them seriously and designate them for what they are.

They’re brown shirts and we know how that worked out.

Take down Soros and his son Alexander. They don’t deserve to have even one little pinkey on American soil.

I see Chris Matthews was making a slobbering fool of himself again. How much is the genius paid? I know he’s Catholic.He’s an embarrassment the way he acts.

The media wants us to believe Trump’s first 100 days is a failure. He’s accomplished a great deal and they’re not honest enough to admit it.

Support our President.He has enough opposition every way you look and a lot on his plate.He can’t do it all by himself.He needs our support. The  second guessing only helps the opposition. They will smell blood and dissension and go for it.

Speaker Ryan has to go. He’s either very incompetent or he’s deliberately trying to sabotage the President. No ifs,ands or buts;his time is up.I actually gave him the benefit of the doubt as we should most people. That’s over.If  he keeps going, 2018 is not going to be pretty.He should resign, for the sake of the party,but i doubt he’ll do that.Show him the door.

What happened to the investigation of Susan Rice and the unmasking of sensitive material? Who fell asleep? What about the leaks? 

Why is Comey still the director at the FBI? Why is Koskinen still at the IRS?



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