Dear Media @CNN @msnbc @ABC @CBS @NBC @CNBC #FakeNews

You put a lot of time,effort and energy into Hillary’s campaign. You worked so hard to get her elected that i  can honestly understand your disappointment when Donald Trump won on election night.

I supported Herman Cain* when he ran. It was an awful day that day he stepped out of the race. We were all waiting to hear what decision he had come to.If he would have stayed in,many of us were ready to back him all the way.He didn’t really lose-he left for the sake of his family. Can’t blame him either.I cried and felt so defeated. Life goes on though.It’s a disappointment that takes time to get over,but it’s not the end of the world either.

I will be honest and admit up front i did not vote for Sen McCain during the primary and obviously voted for Herman Cain in the 2012 primary.Cain(IMHO)was the far better choice over Romney. Didn’t matter though.Neither made it.

You have to know that there was no way on earth I could have voted for Barack Obama.

However,he won(fairly and squarely) and again we witnessed the peaceful transfer of power.Didn’t riot in the streets,shut down his campaign events or try to get him impeached his first month in office.

When he was inaugurated i just rolled my eyes at the tv. The people there to witness the event had every right to be excited.It’s what happens when your candidate wins. It’s their day to celebrate and the days ahead are their time to revel in the victory. I’m not going to get into why i didn’t vote Obama in either election but i can tell you race had nothing to do with it.You can refuse to believe that but,as the proverb goes,not my circus-not my monkeys.


He could have won me over.He didn’t. He will go down in the history books as being the first minority candidate to ever be elected in the United States and all the implications that go with it. The fact is no small matter and nobody can take that away from him.

He called the Republicans in for a meeting and informed them he won. I think they knew that-Sen McCain was sitting there.He certainly knew that.
Side note: I was NEVER a birther. Personally,they were free to believe what they wanted and i never put them down for it,but i thought it was a silly way to attack him. The birthers were totally convinced he wasn’t a U.S. citizen(even w/ evidence to the contrary).People can be sincerely wrong and usually can’t be convinced otherwise.

Good people though. They mean well. I just happen to think they are misguided.‘Nuff said.

Right out of the gate he decided to pass a major piece of legislation which came to be known as Obamacare.The plan wasn’t so hot but you could chalk that up to an accomplishment;meaning he got it done.He was very popular and well liked throughout his 2 terms. Fast forward the 2016 election.The day Donald J. Trump entered the race and made his announcement my husband decided he was the one to vote for right off the bat.It took me a little longer to come around but i jumped on the Trump Train too.I’d made up my own mind independent of my husband; I’m usually the one to persuade him who to vote for. He hates politics but he votes anyway.It was different for both of us this time.Here’s someone we  were both very determined to see elected as much as you were determined to see Hillary elected.

We were called racist,homophobic,xenophobic,stupid,backwards, alt right( don’t even know what that means)and eventually deplorable. We ended up wearing that moniker proudly.

We’re ok with all that.Whatever you want to call us. We’re not ok with what we’ve seen going on.You know very well the Russia story is bunk. I bet even Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi know it’s bunk. We watched as Democrats in Congress refused to attend his Inauguration.I’ve witnessed a number of inaugurations.In my lifetime at least, i’ve NEVER seen a person from a particular party refuse to attend.We’ve always been proud of the majesty of the moment,  no matter which party won.

I know the Republicans attended Obama’s.

The Democrats are DELIBERATELY dragging their feet on Pres. Trump appointments for his cabinet.How did it go when the shoe was on the other foot?

In January 2009, the Senate confirmed 10 of Obama’s Cabinet choices within his first week as president, nine of them by voice vote, in which senators’ yes and no votes aren’t recorded.

Source:The Daily Signal

Yes,i opposed much of what he did especially at the tail end of his 2nd term,but you address those issues at the ballot box. What the media has done to Pres elect Trump AND Pres Trump is inexcusable.

What the Democrats are doing in Congress is inexcusable.

It’s beyond opposition and obstruction. What has been deeply troubling is the collusion between the opposition to Trump and the media.It started long before he was inaugurated and has gone downhill from there.I’m sure you are convinced you are fair and objective; either that or you honestly think you’re doing the country a favor and consider yourselves justified. Newsflash: it’s time to wake up.

It’s the kind of thing you see in a banana republic.How could anyone do this to our country? It’s shameful and of course it makes me angry. 

We no longer believe anything you put out as news anymore.It’s nothing but propaganda and you’re not willing to give it up.Suit yourselves. We’re done.We’re sick of your stupid questions and relentless attacks. You look like a room full of apes.I thought people might be willing to put on their big boy/big girl pants. Guess not.

* Herman Cain always told us to “stay informed, stay involved and stay inspired.” He was right.

get over it



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