thank you President Trump @POTUS @VP

We know that Obama was a demi-god. We know that you’ve been treated like a piece of dirt. The media,Hollywood, the left and  have been relentless.They’re not even offering thoughtful criticism;they’re just being ignorant. They’ve got the support of Soros,Obama and the Clinton’s behind them in their attacks.

Your base-of which i include myself-are sometimes impatient.Sometimes we get filtered information. Sometimes it’s just that we’re used to the old modus operandi of our ‘seasoned’ politicians and expect the same.I’m guilty of jumping to conclusions before i get the facts.

You gave up a very comfortable life style to do this for our country.I know from watching older you tube videos of your past interviews that you’ve been jumping up and down about our country-and the direction it was going-for years. What you’ve been saying today isn’t a bit different than what you were saying 10-15- even 20 yrs ago. I also know that you once said if it ever got so bad you would run for the office of President.It got so bad and you stayed true to your word.

You’ve only been in office for 100 days. You have a full plate. You have an establishment in Congress fighting you tooth and nail and that’s JUST some of the Republicans;not to mention the back stabbing Democrats. Keep in mind they don’t want to see the country succeed.They have one goal;destroy you.

I know that you’re not an ideologue.Obama was pure ideology.You are results orientated.

Obama was appearance orientated. He called ISIS the “JV” team.He played down Benghazi and blamed a video.He traded Bergdahl-a TRAITOR-for terrorists, so he would look good before the election. He gave Iran billions (through money laundering)and millions more in ransom just to say he got a ‘great’ deal and our hostages out of Iran.

He didn’t know the meaning of the word bipartisan. He told the Republicans he won and shoved through Obamacare on a lie;the architect of Obamacare called us (the American people)stupid and counted on our ignorance to sell us a bill of goods.

Now you have to undo the damage and clean out the swamp just to get your agenda through.

It was easy for Obama.He had the press,media,pundits,comedians and celebrities all on his side;they campaigned for Hillary.

These same people are trying to take you down.Add to them the Deep State and the Domestic Terrorist Organization Antifa.

Thank God for the internet and Trump’s army or your message would not get out there.It’s still difficult. Between fake news,lies and misinformation sometimes even we get fed bad information. 

I do stick by my hopes that Paul Ryan will get shown the door.He’s too weak and i’m not certain he has your best interests at heart. Politicians are like that.They are always calculating what move to make to put themselves in position for another office. 

i know you want to keep your campaign promises and do what’s right for the country.You want results. I want to thank you for the effort and apologize for getting a little testy from time to time.Know that i back you and your admin 100% and that you’re appreciated for all your efforts. I believe i speak for a majority of the folks.So this is an apology and a thank you both.

You don’t hear that often enough.

Obama  will always be their demi- god. They will always wish Hillary,corrupt as she was, would finish off his legacy but you are our President. We love our FLOTUS too.

big thank you



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