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When the world gets crazier than i am,then it is indeed crazy.We’ve gotten out of touch with traditional values that have stood the test of time. We’ve really gotten out of touch with reality.For instance,a  prime example,is that there are more than 2 genders. You can twist that like a pretzel but you don’t come up with a different answer.Two plus Two always equals 4.Marriage is between one man and one woman for life. It doesn’t mean everyone makes it. We hope everyone does.My rights end with your nose;meaning no matter how we feel about each other or what we may disagree about i can’t harm your person to settle the matter.

Charity begins at home.Of course it does.We don’t let the government do for us  what we can do for each other.Nothing bothers me more than listening to Progressives carry on about compassion when they approve of abortion and euthanasia. There’s nothing worse than these same people who oppose the travel ban (because they may be Muslim)and attack Christianity in their own country. They talk about freedom of religion and in the same breathe attack  people who follow their conscience.There’s even a case close to home here where one atheist has managed to  have a quote removed  from a bench, when its been there for years.Of course the city did it;they were too fearful of being sued for an award they couldn’t afford. 

I can recall being dressed up in my  Easter dress,hat,brand new shoes and basket getting ready for Mass. Everyone went to church.Nobody thought twice about it.They didn’t curse on Television. You respected your parents,teachers,police and the President.

You respected your neighbors.

If a young man got his girlfriend pregnant,he married her. You didn’t get divorced(people usually whispered about anyone who got divorced).These 2 things were always the exception, not the rule.

Dad had guns.A lot of people had guns.There was no discussion about gun control. The good guys used them to take out the bad guys. They were meant for hunting and self defense. He never killed a soul. I had a toy gun and cowgirl hat.I never had the desire to kill a soul either. We knew that if you didn’t go to jail,you went to hell.

We watched Gunsmoke(still do),Bonanza, The Rifleman. We didn’t turn into violent criminals. The commandment was THOU SHALL NOT KILL.

Yes,we were taught that in school. We were taught Math,Reading and Science too. Our diversity class was that we were all children of God.

If you lived at home with your parents,you got a job and pitched in.You bought your own car,paid your own insurance and gave the folks so much per month.
We put our hands over our heart and said the pledge of allegiance every morning in school, believing we were blessed to live in the greatest country on earth.Kennedy was President,Martin Luther King gave his greatest dream speech. They were assassinated.
It wasn’t long after those 2 tragic events  our country forgot its values and things changed.Some for the better,most for the worse.

It is not the country we thought we were going  to give our kids and grand kids.There has to be a bright side.







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