They’re not just off the rails @TuckerCarlson They’re dangerous as hell .

Tucker Carlson has been trying to come up with an answer for the media(and others)going off the rails since the Trump election.

Krauthammer offered his analysis. He’s a respected pundit;but even he was a not Trump pundit during the campaign(and since then to a certain extent).I wouldn’t put him in the class of Never Trump. Krauthammer would never go that far.

I’ll be up front about my analysis and admit i’m a Trump supporter. It doesn’t mean we can’t look at facts and read the landscape either. We have to go back first,to go forward. 

We didn’t get here in a vacuum.  My parents were dyed in the wool Democrats till the  day they left us. They would vote Republican from time to time;the one they admitted voting for was Eisenhower .They strongly believed when you cast your vote it was private. We knew they were Democrats but we could never be 100% sure who they voted for.I’m certain they voted John Kennedy though. (Stake my life on it.)

It was a different time in our country then and the middle class was fairly strong. Our economy was in good shape. I can remember new houses being built and prices being reasonable. Nobody seemed to be struggling. We weren’t rich by any stretch of the imagination but nobody seemed desperately poor either.People had jobs. The mom and pop stores were doing ok.We talked politics over the dinner table;but i didn’t pick up on any rancor. No mention of the words liberal and conservative. We knew the Communists were bad people-they were our enemy. They were trying to take over the world and destroy us.We could be nuked at any second by these people.

Nobody had a problem with you being Christian. TV programs were family orientated. Our country had problems but we also had great leaders. Martin Luther King Jr was one of them.Both he and Kennedy would be assassinated. Malcom X and Robert Kennedy would be assassinated.
There was the  Vietnam war. Watergate.Nixon’s resignation.All in a symmetry with a counter cultural movement taking hold.It was the time of the Weather Underground led by William Ayers and Bernadine Dorn as well as the SDS.It was the time of the Patty Hearst kidnapping.Our parents were working class Democrats.They were not radical at all, but this is the time i came to be a flaming liberal.It’s not like i gave it any thought.It was more about being caught up in the moment than a deeply felt philosophical conviction. You could equate being a liberal with being for freedom*. Who could oppose that? It’s codified in our founding documents. We now have to fast forward to see where all of this relates to the election of Donald Trump.

My dear hero Andrew Breitbart went down the same rabbit hole until his epiphany. He had more of a philosophical conviction re liberalism having the unfortunate experience of attending university.He met the pony tailed professors. I didn’t.He had the intellect to take it all in.I did not.

It doesn’t mean it didn’t skew our vision;just in different ways. We both ended up liberal until the truth smacked us upside the head. By the time of the election of one Barack Obama the country was ready for  Saul Alinsky/Frank Marshall Davis liberalism. Liberalism had gotten into our universities,institutions, culture,media.

Obama won 2 terms. Now the liberals owned it all.They are entrenched.They were convinced Hillary was going to win. They had no vision of Trump winning.As far as the media was concerned she was it.

Trump had his opposition in the Republican establishment too. The swamp is large as well as deep.Krauthammer thought Trump was insulting to his fellow Republicans. I thought Trump was onto the swamp and wasn’t about to take any guff from either side. Ok,he was tough as nails but he won. He worked his butt off to win. He didn’t take our vote for granted. The media covered him and he was happy to use their coverage. They didn’t think he would win;so they calculated the coverage wouldn’t matter.The one thing they would not cover were his rallies. When they did, they never showed the crowds .They didn’t want us to know that people supported him.They wanted us to believe their polls and give up. You see he could speak DIRECTLY to us and they couldn’t have that.When he appeared on their programs they could use their filter.They honestly didn’t see his win coming.They were campaigning for Hillary. She felt entitled. It was her turn.The media was on her side,so she felt secure.Look at everything she and Obama got away with. Obama got a pass from the media. He could do no wrong.How could she lose? Hillary is arrogant too. She couldn’t see a loss to save her soul.

When Trump did win the Never Trump establishment went into heart failure. The liberal media felt their world crash down around them. It wasn’t supposed to happen.They were firmly convinced Hillary would be President.They had campaigned that hard for her and had Obama set up for 8 yrs. For them, all their dreams of the liberal utopia were over. For the Republican establishment their dreams of a typical business as usual dream were over. Remember some of the people in both parties are bought and paid for by certain groups just for different reasons.All the Democrats except a very few are Socialists/Communists. Some in the Republican party are closer to Democrat than Republican; and some are just content with business as usual. There are good ppl in the Republican party.You can find those that truly support Trump. You can count the Democrats on one hand that aren’t partisan.They do exist but it’s the people like minded with  Schumer,Pelosi and Warren who make up most of the Democrat Party.

Both sides(whether Democrat or Republican)opposing Trump  have 1 goal.Destroy the presidency of Donald Trump.Lie if you must but destroy him.Riot,Resist,Marginalize. Attack,attack,attack.Convince the American people he is a traitor who colluded with Russia. Krauthammer was too calm  in his analysis.All of this is dangerous. You see the Russians are a danger to our Republic [as are other countries and terrorist groups] but none  as dangerous to our Republic now as the media.You might defend the Republicans but unless they’re fully supporting our President they can always sit back and let the other side destroy him without even  lifting a finger.

Hillary was the one colluding with the Russians. Obama did so much damage to our country it would take another blog entry to cover it all. Hillary was the criminal. Yet it’s Trump,according to the media and the liberals, who is the bad guy. They know the Russian collusion story is a fake story. We know Russian interference into the election is being investigated;that’s a given. Nobody is saying that’s fake.Trump isn’t saying that’s fake. They take that story and blur the line into the fake narrative of collusion. They overlook the unmasking though;as far as they’re concerned it’s ok if it’s detrimental to Trump. 

Krauthammer mentioned that Trump is not a conservative.True.He’s not a liberal either.  Trump is not an ideologue PERIOD.He didn’t go to Harvard or Yale.He attended the Wharton School of Business. He supported candidates on both sides of the aisle because he was looking at policies that would affect the economy and[ by extension] the business world. The business world he belonged to.What Trump is about is RESULTS. He doesn’t base policy on ideology;it’s dependent on what is best for OUR  country. .He is a patriot.You can’t doubt his love of country and the American people.The idea that he would collude with Russia is anathema to his loyalty and love of our country.Whatever else you might think about Trump that’s true and it’s his core.

The media’s shameless attacks wouldn’t be so bad were it not for all that Obama did to our country and got away with. Journalism died;unfortunately the media has a lot of power over the sheep. They know it & they use it.. The riots,assaults on Trump supporters,police shootings,the shut down of free speech-a lot of that falls squarely on their shoulders.It’s not good for the country. I hope we hold them responsible.I wish they would do some self examination,look in the mirror and hold themselves responsible.Not going to happen.

Hillary lost. We voted for Trump.He won. He is the legitimate President of the United States. The collusion with Russia story is a lie. Trust me,if not this, it would be something else .They have to tell the lie that’s the most  damaging.All they should  do is wake up and face reality.Trump won.We voted for him.Remember when Mitt Romney lost and how magnanimous he was and gracious in his concession? I was no Romney fan but he gained a lot of my respect for that. He took the blame for his own loss.  How did Hillary deal with her loss? It’s too bad the media didn’t get that.

Call me a sycophant. I refuse to attack the President when he is getting incoming from all sides as it is. I refuse to  give the other side even  an inch. If he works hard-as he has been-and does even 10% of what he promised,we’re good. We’re up against forces with a lot of power,who unless we stick together,may succeed. 

They are crude,vulgar,intolerant,deceitful and dangerous as hell to our Republic.They have no boundaries. Ethics don’t matter. They will do anything and everything to take him down.We have to be as ready as they are to do battle.

Our country has defeated truly evil enemies over the years.We will not survive if we don’t defeat the enemies within.Trump must succeed or we lose the Republic. I didn’t think it were possible but it’s going to take a non ideologue like Trump to put liberalism to rest. Does he have to? I’m sure he  doesn’t see it that way.They are truly unhinged on the other side. He has to slay the dragon to succeed.

get over it

*Freedom (liberty)is the right to do the moral good or ought. We do not have the freedom to commit a morally evil act. Note the difference between liberty(freedom)and license.If we understand our founding documents then we  understand the real meaning of freedom. Our country is bordering on (or already there)licentiousness;so truth from  the media and some politicians doesn’t matter.More dangerous than the Russians. These people can hide behind their ‘prestige’.They have the appearance of  normal.It’s everyone else that is crazy.Watch the news.You can see it.


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