Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled




  1. I’m NOT a journalist. Blogger only. The most i can do is scour the internet  dependent on other people’s hard work and coverage -and hope it checks out (most of the time).I try to be cautious.You have to know from time to time have fallen for fake news myself.
  2. Not looking to get followers on Twitter;welcome those who support Trump and care about our country.If that means i get followers all are welcome.
  3.  Not in pursuit of a career, making a name for myself or having a leg up in the Trump movement.Am hoping to help other supporters and give them both the ammo and moral support they need.
  4. There are plenty of ppl 3x smarter and probably 10x more talented than I am. Terrific.Admire them as much as you do. We all do what we can,with what we’re given. if this blog helps anyone, in some way, goal accomplished. [I am well aware that if i were to leave this earth,the world would keep spinning].

Robert Mueller former director of the FBI is now the head of a special counsel;appointed by the Deputy Attorney General at DOJ. You’re going to hear 2 opposing views re Mueller.

You’re probably not going to be sure which one to go by. I do know MOST Democrats/Republicans are satisfied with the choice.In that sense it’s all good. It means they trust him. We can’t afford another battle.I would get on board and accept it.What other route is there?

There’s going to be some ppl in both camps who are going to complain about Mueller having conflicts of interest. You’re not going to get anyone who doesn’t;therein lies the problem.He’s probably the best you’re going to get.

The advantage of having a  special counsel appointed is that it  will take the Russia crap out of the headlines and give Pres Trump some breathing room again to focus on his agenda.NOTE:Mueller is NOT a special prosecutor.A special counselor and prosecutor are 2 different things.It’s important to note that.The media keeps using the term prosecutor.They’re full of it.Again,the correct title is SPECIAL COUNSEL.

It’s also VERY important to point out that we have to stand up for our President.He was a marked man from the day they called the election for him. One of the saddest things about our win as fantastic as it was,is that we were robbed.They took away what should have been a celebratory victory.Remember when we knew he had won and they waited until 3:00 a.m. to get the call for Pa? The media knew it was over-they just didn’t want to tell us. I stayed up to hear the call.Did you? Bet most of us did.

Let’s win for Trump in 2020 and THEN we can have our party.How’s that sound?They won’t have a leg to stand on.We just have to battle to get there first.DON’T GET DISCOURAGED. Eyes wide open and forward.


Absent from the past weeks turmoil are the Republicans in Congress taking a stand for President Trump.All i saw in the news was Chuck Schumer,Maxine Waters and Al Green(to name just  a few)grandstanding and calling for impeachment.

Who is running the Senate?Schumer? Where’s the Republicans coming out for Trump?
We do know the Democrats,media and Never Trump’s were planning Trump’s impeachment before he had even taken the oath of office. WTH?! What kind of people do this?


We better know 1 thing-our President can’t do it alone. We wanted him to drain the swamp.He wanted to drain the swamp.There are some extremely vicious and even deadly creatures in the swamp. What’s at stake? Our country. The left keeps saying Trump is setting up a coup. A coup is when you overthrow the legitimately elected authority-in our case the President.Holy cow,we have people in our country who  don’t even know what a coup is. I may stand corrected but i think that MOST coups that have taken place throughout history have been done by a militia or military.You can have a soft coup and that is done by a collusion of forces;but the goal of any coup is to take down a LEGITIMATELY elected authority. The President is trying to take down himself and his own administration? Dwell on that and you will figure out who is REALLY involved in the coup.

You have to ask yourself who would do such a thing to our country? We also have to ask ourselves,are we going to tolerate it?
The next blog entry will outline some concrete steps we can take.Let’s commit to a successful Trump administration and DESTROY these Saul Alinsky radicals for the sake of the country we love and the values that have made us great. For now I will leave you with Andrew Breitbart.





Catholic.conservative. Pro life.Period.

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