A short commentary on Pres Trump speech in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

I don’t have a lot of time to spend on a commentary right now but i wanted to write  a few quick comments on what stood out from Pres Trump’s speech in Riyadh today(9:30 a.m. est)

Some liberals (and conservatives)are having a cow because he did not use the term Radical Islamic Terrorism. We know the Obama administration NEVER used it.You were lucky if they even used the word terrorism.

Pres Trump  has frequently used the term radical Islamic terrorism or terrorists. Let’s focus on the speech today. First rule of thumb when speaking(or writing):know your audience.

The President of the United States was speaking for domestic consumption,for international consumption and above all for consumption in the Middle East-he was speaking in front of an audience consisting of 50 Muslim countries,including the hosting Muslim country.

Now think about that for a second. He made the point he intended to make without using the exact words. You don’t convince an audience,let alone the hosting country, by insulting their country and culture.This was not the time  or place.He was  in the heart of the Sunni Muslim world.

He’s never been afraid to say it when appropriate.Given the circumstances it was definitely not appropriate. Pres. Obama would NEVER say it under any circumstance.

Pres Trump did not apologize for our country. He made it clear he would always defend the American people. He made it very clear his first responsibility is the safety and security of the United States. 

He spelled out the Trump doctrine.We would not impose our way of life on another country-nor would we interfere in another country. Nation building is out-defending ourselves is not.

As for Saudi Arabia i took away some subtle cues and some not so subtle too. First and foremost i think they have realized that they need to be on the right side of history to survive.I believe they have recognized the existential threat of extremism to their own country. I think we, in the West, have to recognize that change will come slowly there and it will have to be at their pace,at their choosing.  Let’s not forget there are some Christian nations that reject some of the values(or lack of)that we,in the West,espouse. There are other values that are universal.

We make a huge mistake,which our President touched on, thinking we can impose our culture and way of life on cultures vastly different from ours. He also pointed out some common values we [do] share. 

There were other subtle and not so subtle cues from our President and King Salman on the importance of  the meeting in Riyadh. 
The speech was simple,but powerful. It was also a message for Iran.Your comments welcome.I’d love to hear your take on the speech and our Presidents visit overall.

More later. Will post a full transcript of the speech then (with further commentary).

Look forward to hearing what you have to say. PLS.No anti Trump trolls.If you have a well thought out disagreement or picked up something i missed-have at it.If you’re here to mouth the media’s anti Trump talking points(or change subject)move along.



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