The Silent Coup.Right before our eyes.@morningmika KNOWS.

Mika Brezinksi made the claim today that Pres Trump is not patriotic after claiming the moral high ground that she shouldn’t question someone’s patriotism. Then she did.

Verbal gymnastics of the worst kind.We know the media supported Obama and Hillary.

It’s  no secret.They never questioned his patriotism when he handed billions to our enemies in Iran.Enemies trying to develop nuclear weapons.

They never questioned his patriotism when he permitted thousands of unvetted refugees entrance into our country or allowed MS 13 gang members to be let loose to roam our streets.

They never questioned his patriotism with his support of open borders or told Putin he would have more flexibility after his election.He must have been pretty sure of his winning.

They never questioned his patriotism when he permitted classified information to be shared across 16 different intelligence agencies to find some way to take down Trump.

They never questioned Hillary’s patriotism when she put up her private email server,shared classified info and destroyed the evidence.

They never questioned Obama’s patriotism when he permitted(if not encouraged)the IRS to target Americans he considered  his political enemies. 

They never questioned Hillary or Obama’s patriotism when Trump was spied on and names unmasked.
They never questioned Hillary’s patriotism even after the Wikileaks emails revealed the Clinton campaign’s plan to push a Russian collusion story about Trump before he was even elected.

They never questioned Obama and Clinton’s patriotism for the Resistance/Antifa movement (DOMESTIC TERRORISTS)when it went violent in the streets or the DEEP STATE they controlled when it released false info about Trump.

Donald Trump was in the public eye for years.Nobody doubted his love of country then. Nobody doubted his love of country when he was helping the vets or the city of NY and  Mayor Koch with his skating rink debacle . They never doubted his  patriotism when he donated to various campaigns,both Republican and Democrat.

Nobody doubted his  patriotism when he preferred being FINED rather than take down our flag over his golf course.

Nobody doubted Pres. Clinton’s patriotism when he fired his FBI director,only when Pres Trump used his rightful authority to fire FBI director Comey.

Nobody questioned Pres.Obama’s patriotism when he made the terrible nuclear deal with North Korea.Nobody questioned Obama’s patriotism when he looked the other way as our police officers were assassinated in the streets.

Basically nobody questioned Obama or Hillary’s patriotism when they all but destroyed our country(and are STILL trying)yet Mika questioned Pres.Trump’s to DELIBERATELY cast doubt on his love of [our\ country.

I’m going to question Mika’s patriotism,along with the rest of the media,for their attempt at a coup because they did not like the election results.Let’s not forget how the media colluded with the Clinton campaign to help her in her election bid and cried when Trump won. Let’s not forget how the media went out of their way to actively  delegitimize his election the very day he won and  tried to persuade the electoral college to vote against him. They forget that MILLIONS of Americans cast their vote for him and so they spat on our vote from day one.Yet Mika  has  the nerve to question his patriotism.They may as well  question ours.We will not forget the people who refused to show up for his inauguration or the Congressmen who DELIBERATELY held up his nominations;after the Republicans were swift on putting Pres Obama’s through and went to his inauguration,not once but twice. Our eyes work.

We KNOW what you’re trying to do. You may not like it but this is NOT a banana Republic and we are never going to permit you to destroy our country for the sake of the candidate YOU wanted or delegitimize our vote.

The media should be ashamed of itself but it’s not. Remember Saul Alinsky and his evil Rules for Radicals;the end justifies the means? Ethically speaking that is indefensible.

Let Dick Morris spell it out for you Mika.Not that you don’t already know.









Catholic.conservative. Pro life.Period.

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